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Create 'Center on a date' or 'Center on a date property' deal-based workflows

Would love for the ability to Create 'Center on a date' or 'Center on a date property' deal-based workflows.

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There seems to be this:

but it has a MAJOR Fault - you can only send the emails in the workflow in your timezone.  Even their example this is a blooper - they use the idea of a birthday to send a coupon but as you can only send this in your timezone and if you have global clients like I do then I could very well be sending them something that arrives not on their birthday but the day after or before!


I wish this came with the ability to set local time zones as well.


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HubSpot should roll this out for all object types (company, deal, ticket, and custom objects) since it's only available for contact-based workflows. This feature would make it so much easier to run renewal-based workflows for deals or customer follow-up workflows after a support ticket is closed.

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We would definitely need it, too! Especially for a custom object. We have a custom object "pet" for one of our clients that is a veterinary clinic and they want to send out a Happy birthday wish on a pet's birthday. Since currently, it's not possible, we are looking for a workaround that will definitely not be easy to build...

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Hi All,


I have an update - this functionality is now possible with a new action (Delay until a date) that's available to all customers using the workflows app. The new delay action allows you to create delays centered around both a calendar date (eg. an event happening on 9/15/22) or centered around a date property (for example the "close date" of a deal). This can be used in any type of workflow, including deal workflows : )


Our KB doc has all the details: