Create API for Products and Product Library

We are working on a project where we are migrating a client from Dynamics to HubSpot.


They use products in the Opportunities in Dynamics and were delighted to find out that Products could now be added to deals in HubSpot.


Now we have found out that the API doesn't support the data being imported.


What are the plans at HubSpot to get this added to the API?

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We too need the API to associate Products for an integration. HubSpot, what is the timeline in providing the API so we can set expectations?

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We also need the Products to be exported somehow. At the moment, our account team is creating Products 3 times:

  • on Hubspot to track products sales on Deals
  • on PandaDoc Catalog to send proposal and esign
  • on Workflow Max to create tasks and track the job progress

Is just too much, a lot of time and effort that could be solved with Hubspot Products library API working with integrations.


Is this the only topic with Products improvements or API request?

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
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@GSantos We too use Hubspot as our CRM and PandaDocs for quoting. 

Have you found a way to make HubSpot Products push to PandaDocs when starting a PandaDocs quote from a Deal in HubSpot? Or PandaDocs catalog items on a quote automatically import as HubSpot products on a deal in Hubspot?  

I'm trying to make this more seamless for our sales team and provide management acurate forcasting.