Create A Deal Automatically, Assign Deal Stage, and Assign to Salesman based on CTA or form fill

So on our site, we have a form fill (Hubspot form) to request pricing, once the customer submits the form they get to see pricing and they also get a thank you email. 
In the thank-you email, we have two Hubspot CTA's to choose from 
1. just looking
2. contact me
It would be great if Hubspot could:
1. automatically generate a "deal"
2. automatically assign that deal to a predefined "deal stage"
3. automatically assign it to a salesman
This would all be determined by the CTA or form they chose.
For example, if someone filled out the form, and in the email, they clicked on the "just-looking" CTA. Hubspot would then create a deal, assign it to the "shopping stage, and assign it to "john smith" as the salesman.