Country code drop down for phone number in forms


We need to know the country code of all numbers submitted through our forms. It would be ideal if there was a country code drop down to select from that we could have on our web formsThis is what HubSpot has on their forms on their websiteThis is what HubSpot has on their forms on their website

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There is no option to change the default country code in the list. 


Is it correct that this solution only applies to certain form types and only to the Phone number field and not the Mobile Phone number field?

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2021-05-09_14-25-10.jpg Hi @Tom is there a way to abbreviate the country name to iso 2? 

HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team

Not at the moment no, we don't currently allow for customisations on the inputs. I can see how this would be helpful though and the screenshot you've sent isn't the prettiest of sights. I'll be sure to bring this up with the team to see if it's something we can fit in in the future! 


Hey guys, could we also get this same drop down country code selector for Hubspot Meetings too?
We have customers from around the world booking meetings with us.

We need their correct extension for sms automation and follow up phone calls.