Country code drop down for phone number in forms

We need to know the country code of all numbers submitted through our forms. It would be ideal if there was a country code drop down to select from that we could have on our web formschrome_2017-08-25_10-28-15.pngThis is what HubSpot has on their forms on their website

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Please add this in, I'm using a horrible custom workaround right now!

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Yes please , I hope they add this feature as soon as possible , because our SR's are facing problems when recieving  incorrect numbers 


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This is a very basic feature and it's required. 

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 Yes it is really an awesome idea. Hubspot must implement this.

HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

We really, really need this in Europe!

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It will be very useful. Even we have great workaround based on multiple detections this will simplify that a lot

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Just gonna quickly add my 2 cents, we need phone numbers to be forced into the right format so the calling functionality works without having to edit the phone number.

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Same here, we need this badly to be able to make calls quickly.

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We need this! And it will be usefull too in meeting forms, not only in regular Hubspot forms.

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How is this not already a feature? Hubspot have it as part of the their support's contact info to make support's life easier!