Counting business days only in workflows and sequences



there are already similar ideas raised, but most of them target the need to exclude bank holidays or company closing days when actually sending an email from a sequence or workflow. For this an admin would have to be able to add these closing dates to HS, so the system can take those days into account.

In addition it would be nice that you can choose to count only working days between 2 steps in a sequence or workflow.

E.g. when the 1st mail in a given sequence is sent on Friday, sending the second mail after 3 working days would mean: sending it on on Wednesday.
And if the Monday in between is a bank holiday, the 2nd mail should only be sent on Thursday.

When the first mail is sent on Friday and the second one on Monday, both of them are in the contacts' mailbox and mostlikely one of those will loose the impact on the contact.

Thank you.


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This is absolutely required!


This is an important feature and is very much required.


I totally agree with this idea.



We want to clear the "contact owner" property of a contact, if assigned contact owner could not engage the customer in 48 hours.

And if this 48 hours hits the weekend, this will not be useful.

For now, as a solution We don't want to change our "All Workflow's Action Time" in general settings.

So "delay for an amount of time" in just business day property really important to be set.


thanks in advance

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Yes please. Speaking for a customer here > having the option to calculate business days (exclude sat and sunday) and normal days


We have a similar use case as described by @comoglu1 for Workflows - Rotate Ticket Owner if a ticket is close to falling outside our SLA and original assignee has not taken action. This should not count the weekend or company holidays, but we don't necessarily want to delay all actions in the workflow (ie set the entire workflow to only execute during the week).


We have in place a workflow to "bump" the ticket after a certain number of hours without action (it sends a reminder email to original owner) before we rotate it to another owner. The challenges here are:

  1. creates a pileup of emails for each agent over the weekend
  2. wastes time and creates confusion if subsequent rotation happens before the original assignee even sees the email reminder

This is a must have