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Count Globally Bounced Contacts in the Emails Bounced Property

In lead scoring, we have set up a negative attribute for contacts that have emails bounced equal or greater than 2. This helps us weed out contacts with invalid emails. 


Recently I noticed that globally bounced contacts didn't have any count in the Emails Bounced field. FYI, globally bounced means that HubSpot has seen the contact's email bounce in other instances so it automatically marks them as a bounce and never sends them an email. 


I asked HubSpot tech support and they said globally bounced contacts don't get any count in the Emails Bounced field. Therefore there is no way of knowing who is a global bounce without going into the contact profile and reading the little warning. You can't automate this. 


Thus our lead scoring for globally bounce contacts is messed up since we can't take away their points. There is no way of doing this currently, per the HubSpot tech support's answer.


Can we change this please? 

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We are also struggling with excluding these contacts from our database - it would be great if global bounce would exist as a property on contact record (for example Global Bounce - true). That would be super helpful. 


Agree with this. I need to be able to filter these contacts with lists & for workflows. Right now, I have to export the list (which includes ALL unsubscribes & opt-outs & then import it back in. Hubspot already has this data; copying it to a property shouldn't be too hard. 


Definitely.  If we can't send emails to a lead because of Hubspots flagging of that lead we must have the ability to trigger the score negatively.


Can't recommend this feature highly enough. Desperate need this, and also a field for those with this error 

"There was an issue sending an email to this contact"

Can't currently exclude them using the marketing email bounce greater than X. 


I'd also like to add my vote for this fucntionality. I recently found that if a contact has globally bounced, they are unable to fill out any forms. Their email gets flagged as invalid. This makes no sens eot me as I would think if a contact has taken the time to fill out a form, the global bounce flag should be removed from their email as they are directly engaging with us. 


I'd like to go a bit deeper and challenge Hubspot's concept of 'global bounce.' Now we have been using Hubspot for a few years I'm noticing emails being marked as global bounces even when every email we have sent has been replied to. Our reps are now having to email out of Outlook or Gmail to work around the so-called global bounce. As Hubspot continues to grow I worry that anyone using Hubspot that gets their emails flagged as spam will contibute to more global bounces for everyone. 

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I feel like this is more important than ever with the new Marketing Contacts account structure in place. We have a client who just switched to Marketing Contacts and, since there is no property available for Gloabl Bounces and they're not counted in the Bounced emails, they either have to manually mark the global bounces as Non-marketing contacts or they end up paying for contacts that they can't actually market to. Either of those options is less than ideal. Not sure why there can't just be a contact property called "Globally Bounced" that can tell us if a contact is globally bounced or not.


Definitely agree with all of the above!


There have been some contacts of ours that have been marked as "bounced globally" although we interact with them often outside of HubSpot. The help team let me know that if this happens, I can send the support help a screenshot showing this is an active/current email of theirs, whether it's showing a timestamp or yes they want to continue receving emails. Then, the support team will "unbounce" them. Although, it is still difficult to understand that these emails are bounced, but may still be able to receive it if it wasn't automatically marked like that internally. Seems like we could be missing out on some sends.


Definitely agree with the above one and all of the aboves!


Hard bounce and soft bounce are not registerd correclty so it is a big mass managing these.


Plus one. I would also like a contact/email property flag that marks contacts that have globally bounced.


I looked into this and "Email Hard Bounce Reason" will have a value for globally bounced contacts, so any lead scoring or workflows setting contacts as non-marketing contacts can work off of that field.


Here's another use-case for this Hubspot: Sometimes C-Suite executives (who control the budgeting power for your Hubspot subscriptions) pass lists of their executive contacts to Marketing Operations so that their important business contacts can be kept up to date on investment announcements and other high-level updates from marketing - but these VIP contacts bounce.


The C-Suite is expecting these contacts to receive the updates, so it looks bad if we don't proactively bring this to them.


I understand that currently we can identify which contacts are unmailable after 1 send by looking at the Hard Bounce Reason, and that we can then click into these contacts 1 by 1 to see if they are also Globally Bounced - but it would be better if we could view contacts with Hard Bounces alongside if they are Globally Bounced or not, en masse, which requires making the Globally Bounced status a useable field in list filters or list views.

What's the benefit of this? Seeing if a hard bounced contact is also globally bounced tells us with more certainty if the hard bounce happened because A) their email inbox just temporarily filled up, B) only our specific Hubspot email domain is not allowlisted to send to this user, or C) if the issue is true across all Hubspot accounts, and it really is a dead inbox.


Maybe it sounds like overkill, but this would allow us to take the list of hard bounced VIP contacts back to the C-Suite and say this group of VIP emails are likely to be dead inboxes based on a hard bounce reason of unknown user and a globally bounced status, this set of inboxes are temporarily full indicating that maybe it's their spambox and not their real inbox, and finally this actionable set that only hard bounced for our account probably needs to be contacted to allowlist us.

Right now, this process is 1-by-1 and we can't deliver the same level of service to our C-Suite.


Following up on @AJackson32's post, the values for Hard Bounce Reason that can cause a Globally Bounced contact can be either of the 2 Hard Bounce Reason values marked with *'s below.

  • Content
  • Mailbox Full* - Can be a reason for Global bouncing
  • Other
  • Policy
  • Spam
  • Unknown User* - Can be a reason for Global bouncing


Source - Directly from Hubspot Support:  "global bounce is a hard bounce for a permanent reason across three or more HubSpot accounts. Permanent bounces include unknown user and mailbox full." 

Because Unknown User and Mailbox Full bounces happen for different reasons, I think this introduces nuance for MarkOps professionals and requires thinking out the strategy for each use-case at the level of the reason behind the Global Bounce.


Also need this.  We score the lead and need to be able to accomodate for global bounces.  These take up space in our highly qualified list and have to manually removed as a result.


Agree with all of the above - an essential feature we need for our database management. We also see a similar issue to one mentioned above, where contacts have "globally bounced" but they reply to emails when contacted outside of HS. So we need the ability to suggest to Hubspot that the contact can be reviewed and removed from that list. 


Another vote on this one. I can't believe this isn't yet a thing. I have lists that are full of these global bounces and they can't be excluded. Very frustrating.


Another vote on this one! It is necessary another way to filter the hard bounce contacts

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My customer does need this feature as she needs to bulk send emails every day, it would be very useful to have a list filter that allows to segment hard bounces to protect the email reputation and improve deliverability rates. Thank you!


Common sense! HubSpot needs to add this feature!


How hard is it to implement this and why has it taken more than 4 years? A simple true/false would suffice.