Count Globally Bounced Contacts in the Emails Bounced Property

In lead scoring, we have set up a negative attribute for contacts that have emails bounced equal or greater than 2. This helps us weed out contacts with invalid emails. 


Recently I noticed that globally bounced contacts didn't have any count in the Emails Bounced field. FYI, globally bounced means that HubSpot has seen the contact's email bounce in other instances so it automatically marks them as a bounce and never sends them an email. 


I asked HubSpot tech support and they said globally bounced contacts don't get any count in the Emails Bounced field. Therefore there is no way of knowing who is a global bounce without going into the contact profile and reading the little warning. You can't automate this. 


Thus our lead scoring for globally bounce contacts is messed up since we can't take away their points. There is no way of doing this currently, per the HubSpot tech support's answer.


Can we change this please? 

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We are also struggling with excluding these contacts from our database - it would be great if global bounce would exist as a property on contact record (for example Global Bounce - true). That would be super helpful. 

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Agree with this. I need to be able to filter these contacts with lists & for workflows. Right now, I have to export the list (which includes ALL unsubscribes & opt-outs & then import it back in. Hubspot already has this data; copying it to a property shouldn't be too hard. 

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Definitely.  If we can't send emails to a lead because of Hubspots flagging of that lead we must have the ability to trigger the score negatively.