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Count Bot Submissions as Conversions

Right now if someone comes to a page via an ad and inbounds via a chat bot, they do not count as a conversion. This makes it hard to track true performance of ad campaigns since a chat bot acts as a form.

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This is a must! Right now if a user comes from our Google Ads, hits a landing page, and starts up a bot, that user WILL NOT be attributed to Google Ads, but instead the BOT. The original source should be Google Ads. This is really messing up our ROI tracking and it's basically saying we're getting less ROI per dollar spent.

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Hey folks!


I wanted to hop in here and clarify that if a contact enters your site from an ad, but is created via a chatbot, it will count as a conversion. 


If you're experiencing different behavior, please contact HubSpot support. They'll be happy to take a look and make sure the contacts are being attributed correctly.





Hi @JoeMayall 


You're right, the chatbot leads do show in Hubspot as a conversion because the original source is marked as paid search. However, this is not the issue here. Matt is referring to a conversion showing in Google Ads / Google Analytics NOT a conversion in Hubspot. 

We need a way of showing a conversion in Google Ads / Google Analytics when a Hubspot chat is initiated.

Google uses that data to allocate more ad budget to the people who have initiated chats. Does that make sense?


As of right now, I don't see any way to make this happen. 


I have te same issue here.


Can I load the google conversion code in bot snippet code? I saw that was only intended to input custom questions but its an idea to put the google conversion code there.

The other solution I´m thinking is to call a webhook from the chat bot to load the conversion finish page, but I suspect this doesn´t work either.


Any ideas on how automaticly open a new web page frm the chat bot just to load the conversion in google??