Correct Logic of the "Now in Sequence" Property & Create Filter Contacts Never in a Sequence

Currently it is possible to filter on the "Now in Sequence" property and you can choose between "True" and "False".  However, the "False" option only filters for contacts who have previously been in a sequence, but are no longer in a sequence, which is a little confusing (not strictly logical at face value.)





One way to easily correct this that would add useful functionality is to add a third option to filter based on if a contact has never been in a sequence:


"Now in Sequence": "True" / "False" / "Never"


In this case, it would be very helpful to be able to select any combination of the above options in the filter.


This is similar to the idea at this link.  However the idea as I have written it in this post includes specific suggestions on how to make the idea work well for the community. 


(edit: added the category "Marketing Emails" to the idea)

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