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There should be an easy way to copy a contact so you can add multiple contacts with the same information as someone already in your contact list.

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Here's how you (hubspot) and add this feature.  Currently, to add new contacts to an existing company, we have to re-enter all the same data over and over again (company, dept, all the address fields, etc.).   


Under 'Actions' in the Contact Profile page, adding a new feature to 'copy contact'?  This would open the 'create contact' page with everything (including custom fields) prefilled except the fields and unique to the new user (name, email, phone, salutation, title).  


This feature would greatly enhance the user experience and it does not seem to be all that complicated task. 


Great responses so far.  For the life of me, I don't understand how Hubspot doesn't see that a robust ABM/ABS strategy will almost daily involve creating new contacts in the target accounts you're chasing.


IS THIS FALLING ON DEAF EARS? sorry, didn't mean to shout...


Yet another new user here chiming in.


My workflow is as follows:


* Open up new lead in my call queue (contact at XYZ company)

* Contact is correct, but not the right department for my team


I wish I could quickly and easily create a new contact from that same screen so that I can continue my flow without interruption. The contact is literally only going to be First Name, Last Name, Title, and Email.  Why do I need to jump to a completely different screen where i need to put in the same company info?


I'm trying Hubspot and comparing it to other tools. I'm getting the feeling that Hubspot is too busy trying to build an empire to actually make their product efficient for their users. Really, in any reasonable SaaS company, and especially with HubSpot's valuation and capital, this should be a feature that existed 3-5 years ago AND if not, with these points made in this thread, it should have been part of your UI refresh with the multiple columns. 

I'm embarrassed for you, as someone who builds and runs a SaaS product.

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Why hasn't this been implemented yet? Manually copying over contacts is a nightmare. PLEASE ADD THE ABILITY TO COPY CONTACTS - even if you require a different email address for each. 


we really need the cloning feature. Please! please! Please!


A sales persons productivity if dependant on efficiencies and re-entering corporate details for multiple contacts within a corporation is not efficient.  This is a big deal and should of been resolved a long time ago.