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There should be an easy way to copy a contact so you can add multiple contacts with the same information as someone already in your contact list.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @jyeko are you looking to creat duplicate contacts or copy contact property values between two contacts from the same company?

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We would really like the ability to copy a contact so you can add multiple contacts with the same information.

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@roisinkirby I am trying to add a few contacts with the same company information, just different names, titles, etc. I may have 4-5 contacts at the same company and there is no easy way to duplicate information.

HubSpot Product Team

Thank you both for clarifying. 


To answer your question, this feature is not currently possible on the HubSpot CRM. Our teams will continue to monitor this thread to determine demand. 

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Clone a contact is a NEEDED function, but based on my recent conversation with HubSpot Support, I think this is confused. 

I know that you're thinking of 'cloning' as also cloning the email..' -. but that's not the point.  What we need to do - perhaps from the 'companies' Tab in Sales would be to "Add another contact at this company"  - this would have the same company phone, physical address, and other details (industry, etc.) 


An advanced process might even take the same address structure for the email... if it is easy to derive (i.e. or the like. 


So my +1 for CLONE a contact as it related to "add another contact from THIS company" 



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As a new HubSpot user who's been impressed thus far, I'm frankly surprised that this a) isn't in HubSpot CRM already, and b) is something that you need to "monitor demand for".  When literally every one of your major competitors have this feature to "clone" a contact, including your #1 competitor, it follows that it should at least be an option.  If you understand anything about outbound sales, speaking to a prospect and getting pointed to someone else in the organization is literally a daily occurrence, so having a feature where you could create a new contact from within an existing contact record makes so much sense it's painful.


Get this done, please.

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Bumping this as a newer user, this is the one constant complaint I hear from my team that the want to add another contact at a company and have to input all the information from scratch vs being able to duplicate. 

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Bumping again as another new user. Surprised this option isn't available as practically anyone who needs a CRM would require this facility. Please review Hubspot Team. Thank you.

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I spoke with the Director of Front Line Support about this, who promised to take up the conversation with the Product Team.  I see this as another example of how HubSpot doesn't "get" B2B they way they should --- this is an obvious requirement for several use cases, as I outlined here: 


Task Queues are radically underused but could be more valuable.   

1. As a manager, I am going through lists of contacts, and thinking about how best to action them to generate new leads. There are a number of different things that I have the team doing, all of which could be organized into queues. there are several reasons different queue types - project work... for example, I have some LDRs looking at opted-out contacts to call and re-engage them, other projects are those who have bounced, and we want to figure out via LinkedIn - project work - where they are now... then send them a congrats on the new job email, etc.   

2. Stil, in other queues/projects, would help to organize work for the individual, and across teams. For example, my UK team might come across a US contact, and then re-assign it to a queue for the US Team... that would not necessarily be to one person, but to a team, who look at a queue. 
3. It's strange to me that I can only pass tasks that I OWN to a queue of my own, it doesn't make sense, seems like an easy fix.  Sadly, this was a bit more available in the Call Queue function that was sunset some time back for some reason that wasn't inherently clear. 
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Unfortunatelu without this functionality the service may not be usable for us as we cannot be inputting 50 fileds each time we add a single contact contact.

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Ok, I have a TEMPORARY solution, you hear that Hubspot.  Temporary as in, please fix this problem.


If you make a smart list and search by the contact that you want to duplicate and keep adding all of the contacts that you want to duplicate then you can export the list and make the changes in Excel.


Step 1- Get the contact (s) that you want to duplicate

Step 2- Make a smart list by email address

Step 3- Export the list

Step 4- Edit the excel list changing the names, titles, email addresses, etc. of the contacts.  Import the new contacts

Step 5- Call Hubspot tech support to complain about steps 1-4

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+1 to the temporary fix idea.  


HubSpot needs to do more to make this type of function EASY.  Salespeople are the ones that would be adding - taking the time out of their busy and well=paid schedules to add contacts that help marketing to get leads....  and the salespeople have a VERY short attention span.... so no way they would export/import. 


This seems like an easy fix... another example where work is needed to make HS more B2B-friendly. 

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I recently checked out Insightly, but its e-mail functionality was limited from a business prospecting standpoint, so I found my way to HubSpot. I feel that HubSpot is much more feature-rich....but even Insightly had the ability to easily "clone" a contact. If you're dealing with a city council and multiple public officials, you need to have the ability to clone a single contact since they all share the same physical address, phone number usually, etc., with the only changes needed to be made being their name and e-mail address. So, here is one more vote for the ability to do so. I thought I'd found a home in HubSpot....and its UI is much more pleasing than Zoho (at least the web version), and I really don't care to jump to yet another CRS system. Thanks!

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Bumping again as a HubSpot partner speaking on behalf of my clients who have voiced a frustration and disappointmnet over the inability to clone a contact as described by mphnyc earlier in this thread.


One client recently moved from ACT! to the HubSpot CRM and they are struggling with some of the functionality that is missing in HubSpot but that ACT! had. Cloning contacts for company info is close to the top of their list of issues.


Community Manager, please weigh in here. This thread continues to grow but there has been no update from you since last year. Is HubSpot actively working to put this functionality in place?

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Please add this feature, its a staple CRM requirement as contacts are continually required to be amended, created for an individual or a multiple of contact as and when required and with any data entry unnecessary steps result in the info not get enter correctly or in my own experience not entered at all when very busy. This all lower user experience with HS... The current excel workaround is not a fix, it's a negative as it would mean you'd need an excel with every company that you already have in the db set up in excel to do this process semi-efficiently, but still it's far far too longwinded.


What is also disappointing as a new customer and what I'd like to hear in response to this post, is why was this not a feature from the beginning? Furthermore, what is the necessary vol. of requests required before it goes on the new features list for implementation? What are the timeframes for this? And, come to think of it, what is the current no. of requests for this feature? I have seen MANY MANY MANY threads requesting this feature, yet very little substance in any official response...


Yours forever hopefully of a straightforward answer to a straightforward question...

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The Excel thing works but it is terrible.  Please help HubSpot.

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How many more people have to ask for this before there is SOME KIND of update from HS Dev??? 

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We literally have 100's and 100's of contacts sitting in a folder waiting for a solution to this.

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We have left HubSpot over this very issue, and are now very satisfied using Zoho, although it did/does have a bit of a steep learning curve compared with HS. But for us, a single prospect-organization has anywhere from 5-8 contacts that we need to input. We just couldn't possibly do that manually for scores/hundreds of organizations.

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This is a must have functionality.