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Copying a ticket

I would like to be able to copy an existing ticket to carry over the ticket properties as well as the contacts, deal, and company associated with it. We do this manually now and it's time consuming and leaves room for human error. When copied, I would only want to copy the properties and associated deals, companies and contacts. I would like to rename it and start with a “clean” ticket with no conversations or notes transferring over.


Our use case is for manufacturing transferring over to service. We have a production ticket with all of these values filled in and we want the same information to be in the service ticket. Right now I have to fill in all the fields, it seems like there could be a way to add this functionality and save us time and remove human error. Thanks for listening!

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We are a charity, using tickets to record requests from vulnerable people during COVID. We conduct shopping and collections of medication, that are sometimes repeated, so it would be really useful for us to be able to copy a previous ticket details, but then with a new date and ID number. 


We have the same need. Many of tickets are repeated more than once a day and it would be very useful to have this copy function in place 🙂



We have a ticket pipeline dedicated to Product and Service Feature Requests we often get requests for the same thing and we want a way to clone an existing ticket but assign it to a new company, deal, and owner.  

I know the use cases are unique which makes which ticket details we all wanted cloned or not cloned unique. Ideally we could select clone and then check or uncheck the categories we want cloned each time with a default set in the account properties.


Any multi-field object, where some volume of them can be expected, should be copy-able.  If there are issues with unique fields or duplication of data, the process should accomodate that automatically.  Eg.. "Copy of ..."  Or prompt with a dialogue to indicate the issue and allow correction.


There should be a dupilicate option for any pobject (ticket, deal etc) that copies the values of all the fields in the existing object, and allows the user to adjust any of those properties as needed - a unique ticket/deal ID would be automatically created


We also have the same need, we have different pipelines and the source is a different conversation inbox, but sometimes two or more emails are cc'd an we need the ticket to be created in every pipeline it was sent to. 


I concur, we have a ticket pipeline for Customer Orders and also for support. When we ship to a customer we send a welcome email. Often the customer will reply to this requesting support, but this reactivates the ticket in the Order pipeline. 


I don't want to move the Order ticket into Support as if we have to query the order we will search inthe Order pipeline, but I do need to create a ticket in the Support pipeline so it's tracked. 

The ability to clone with new ID and basic information, such as links to comany and contact would be great, as well as the email contents would be a great benefit.


Agreed!  We often have numberous file numbers associated with the same client.  Each file needs to be set up a s a ticket.  This feature would save piles of time and leave less room for errors.



This would be a very useful feature.  I came looking for how to do this exact thing before I manaully slogged through the process. 


This is a viral part of our solution. We need the ability to copy / duplicte a ticket and all its properties. If this could be escalated that would enable us to progress our HubSpot intergation. We are currectly at a stand still. Many thanks, Neil Weir - Smith of Derby.


Agreed - this feature is needed.  Have upvoted.

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Hi team,

Commenting for a customer here.

Would be great if we can copy things such as notes as well using the "create ticket" button within workflows! Thanks


Not getting this may cause us to look for a different vendor even though we like Hubspot.

We are an IOT vendor and a hardware failure could cause 100+ identical tickets to be generated for the same issue. We need a way to clone and mass close such issues



Does anyone from Hubspot answer or respond to these comments?


YES please. 
Uncle HubSpot - please make this happen.
Otherwise it's suuuper slow work.


I would like this feature as well. It would also be great if we could copy a ticket property from one ticket pipeline to another ticket pipeline 


My Support Team could find a lot of benefits from a duplicate/copy ticket feature. We would not really want to copy over associated companies as some have mentioned but instead would want to make a duplicate of a request for multiple different company records without having to manually copy and paste each time. Being able to duplicate a ticket and select which items or properties we want copied would really save my company time and room for human error. 

Seriously - I don't think anyone in HS development has heard or read the
community of HS users' suggestions or requests regarding the 'Duplicating -
or - Copy a Ticket' feature.
(from what I've read this - it has become more of a plea).
I've been a user since March of 2020 - Perhaps I'm not receiving all the
updates on this topic - but I've seen no movement in this direction. No
communication from HS to say anything about this very needed enhancement.
What's up with this?
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This would be a great help for our team since we are creating multiple tickets for one client so having the copy/clone feature would save time.