Copying Company or Contact properties to Deal properties (Workflows)

Since last week Hubspot activates the Beta workflow for Deals. I have an idea to optimize the (deal) workflow.

Now I need to fill in some of the properties manually. I like to copy a property like "Inbound or Outbound" from the Company or Contact property to the Deal property. So is it possible to create a workflow which copies some properties from the companies section to the deal properties section? That will make my work a lot more efficient.


Maybe Hubspot can provide the workflow setting with the options below for Deal properties.


Schermafbeelding 2018-07-05 om 10.41.05.png

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i don't understand why this isn't already an option 😀

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Need this

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I'm adding my support for this functionality request too please. It would've saved me a lot of time if I could copy the company "country" property to its associated deal's "country" property. 

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I’ve been asking for this for long time now.  I can’t imagine this is a tough fix as a contact propert can be copied to a company by not a deal. 



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Not sure if this helps but when using a workflow to create a deal, say from certain fields being known or meeting a certain criteria, you can copy across fields from the contact to the deal.

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Me too...


Also important to me. I have thousands of deals, and need to copy a property from the deal to the company. Don't want to do this manually as it'll take hours.

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We also absolutely need this - quite frankly I consider it absurd it's not already there.  PLEASE WORK ON IMPROVING EXISTING CRM FUNCTIONALITY, INSTEAD OF ROLLING OUT NEW FUNCTIONALITY!!!!

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Need this as well.

It's absurd you can copy properties from deals to contacts but not able to do the opposite.

Functionality is there, so why not? Seems like an easy fix to me.