Copying Company or Contact properties to Deal properties (Workflows)

Since last week Hubspot activates the Beta workflow for Deals. I have an idea to optimize the (deal) workflow.

Now I need to fill in some of the properties manually. I like to copy a property like "Inbound or Outbound" from the Company or Contact property to the Deal property. So is it possible to create a workflow which copies some properties from the companies section to the deal properties section? That will make my work a lot more efficient.


Maybe Hubspot can provide the workflow setting with the options below for Deal properties.


Schermafbeelding 2018-07-05 om 10.41.05.png

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Hubspot does EVERYTHING, except the basics...

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Thanks to HubSpot for adding this functionality to copy company info to deals, within a company-based workflow. PLEASE can this functionality also be added for contact-based workflows, to be able to add contact info to a deal!!


Bump - This would be great and really help finalize the full ability to minimize data entry

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also copy from contacts properties


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It is already technically possible in Hubspot but only when you create a deal with a workflow: you can then copy a contact property to a deal property. So it's quite unclear why Hubspot made that possible only when you create a deal but not when you only want to update a deal. 


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Yes!  Agree! When creating Deal Workflows ther eraly needs to be a feature that copys the value from Compnay or Contacts and populates  into a deal property al in the saame workflow.


Like a Saleforce process builder...

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Hybrid Workflows... Using Zapier to do this takes so much time. The ability to cross-function workflows (CONTACTS, DEALS, TICKETS, COMPANIES)