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Copying Company/Contact property values inward to Deal properties (in Deal workflows)

Since last week Hubspot activates the Beta workflow for Deals. I have an idea to optimize the (deal) workflow.

Now I need to fill in some of the properties manually. I like to copy a property like "Inbound or Outbound" from the Company or Contact property to the Deal property. So is it possible to create a workflow which copies some properties from the companies section to the deal properties section? That will make my work a lot more efficient.


Maybe Hubspot can provide the workflow setting with the options below for Deal properties.


Schermafbeelding 2018-07-05 om 10.41.05.png

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August 11, 2023 02:39 PM

In Beta
May 09, 2023 05:32 AM

Hi @Sears & everyone,


I'm excited to announce we've kicked off a public beta for new functionality that supports this request! To get access in your account, navigate here and look for the beta called "Data Panel with associated record data in workflows" and click the "Join now" button. 


More detail about the functionality can be found in this KB doc. It's worth noting that some of the use cases you may have been waiting for can actually be achieved without copying data. For example, perhaps you've been planning to copy data because you want to use that associated object property in an internal email or slack notification. With this update, you can access associated object properties for use as tokens in some workflow actions, all without ever needing to copy and duplicate properties! 


I'm looking forward to hearing how you all use the new functionality, please feel free to email me with your feedback,


Thank you!


April 05, 2023 06:12 AM

Hi everyone,

We are testing new functionality with a small, private beta group currently. We expect to open the functionality to a public beta in the next month or so. I will share a sign up form here when that time comes. 

Thank you for your continued feedback!


December 07, 2022 06:21 AM

Hi @BDuff & @JQuan0 and everyone,


We're still actively working on this and hope to have a feature ready for beta testing early in the new year. I will update this thread again when we are looking for beta participants. Thank you for your continued feedback on how this functionality will be valuable to you, that helps keep us focused on your needs while making development decisions.


Thank you,


September 01, 2022 12:52 PM

Hi everyone,


Thank you for your continued feedback and comments. We tested an early prototype of a feature to support this use case, and got mixed feedback that led us to conclude that first attempt wasn't robust enough to launch. The good news is that we got super helpful feedback from our early testers on how we could better solve this problem, and we have a plan on how to move forward. We feel very confident about this plan and it's currently being worked on. This change in approach has extended the timeline.


Making more cross object record data available for use in workflows (including this use case of copying data inward) is a top priority for our team, so rest assured that we remain actively working on this project. Please stay tuned for additional updates in this thread.


Thank you,


In Planning
April 15, 2022 06:52 AM



Thanks for your continued feedback and examples that have helped us understand your needs here for this use case: Copy a contact or company property inward to a deal, using a deal workflow


My team is currently working on a new workflow action that makes it possible to pull in property values from associated records, into any workflow for use in other actions. One example of this would be, within a deal workflow, you could get a certain contact/company property value off of an associated contact/company, and save it to a deal property. Please stay tuned to this thread for continued updates as this feature moves through development.




Being Reviewed
April 28, 2020 05:26 AM

Hi everyone, 


Following up with an update. At this time, implementation of this feature "Copy a contact or company property inward to a deal, using a deal workflow" isn't feasible for the workflows tool based on the current structure of our CRM objects & their relationships with each other. 


That said, the CRM team is currently exploring adding more robust functionality to object associations. Progress in that realm may enable the workflows tool to have more flexibility in updating data across records, in more specific and targeted ways.


I'm marking this idea as Being Reviewed, though bear in mind that if a solution is forthcoming, it would be in the long term, not the near future, as it's dependent on these other potential changes, which we will be following closely on our end.


I'd also like to call out this other requested feature, which requests property mapping/syncing between different objects. Some of the comments in this thread appear aligned with that concept, and it's a feature the CRM team is actively asking for feedback on via this survey. If that feature would better suit your needs, I recommend taking the survey and adding your support there as well! We'll reach out again when we have more information. 




Re: Copying Company or Contact properties to Deal properties (Workflows) - changed to: Idea Submitted
November 07, 2019 09:39 AM

As @JustinEverett helpfully clarified, there are two distinct requests represented within this thread:


1. Copy a contact or company property inward to a deal, using a deal workflow - This is not the feature the team is currently working on, so I'm going to move this post back to "idea submitted" so it can continue to gain support, and it will remain on the team's radar as a requested feature. I apologize for the confusion on this aspect.


2. Copy a contact property outward to a deal property, using a contact workflow - This is the feature the team has been working on. This feature is now in beta, and the following alternate ideas forum post specifically represents the request. Details about the beta have been posted there:

October 07, 2019 12:56 PM

Hi @JustinEverett - Apologies, I read through too quickly the first time! I understand now, but no, what we're working on wouldn't solve that use case. Whichever workflow type you're in is the object type from which values can originate, and through the copy action you can copy that source value out to all associated objects of another type. The way our system is currently set up, we can't copy values inward to the object enrolled in the workflow - and that's not something we currently have plans to change. One last thought - you mention data integrity, if by that you mean the company address may change over time, be aware that you can set up a company workflow using the criteria (for example) "Street Address is known" and enable re-enrollment on that criteria. This will enroll a company when it's street address value is set for the first time, and it will also re-enroll that company again, if the street address is updated from one known value, to a new, different known value, so that all associated deals always have the most up to date company address. If that still doesn't help, I'd recommend opening a new Ideas Post with your specific request. 

October 07, 2019 06:41 AM

Hi @JustinEverett  - It's already possible to use a workflow to copy company properties to deal properties, by using a Company workflow Smiley Very Happy And the reverse as well, you can use a Deal workflow to copy a deal property to a company property. The changes we're working on at the moment, will result in the ability to use a Contact workflow to copy contact property values to deal properties and/or ticket properties (in addition to what can already be done - copying to company properties).  Let me know if you have questions about that!


@HubSpotMaster - We're making great progress on this, but don't have a release date yet. Please follow along on this thread for updates. We'll post here when this feature is ready, to give any customers following along the first available chance to opt in to using the new feature. 

Re: Copying Company or Contact properties to Deal properties (Workflows) - changed to: In Planning
September 05, 2019 11:12 AM

Thanks to everyone for their comments and support of this idea! The team is now actively working on bringing the feature of copying contact properties to deal properties, to workflows. We'll update again, when there's more information to share.

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i don't understand why this isn't already an option 😀




Need this


I'm adding my support for this functionality request too please. It would've saved me a lot of time if I could copy the company "country" property to its associated deal's "country" property. 


I’ve been asking for this for long time now.  I can’t imagine this is a tough fix as a contact propert can be copied to a company by not a deal. 




Not sure if this helps but when using a workflow to create a deal, say from certain fields being known or meeting a certain criteria, you can copy across fields from the contact to the deal.


Me too...


Also important to me. I have thousands of deals, and need to copy a property from the deal to the company. Don't want to do this manually as it'll take hours.


We also absolutely need this - quite frankly I consider it absurd it's not already there.  PLEASE WORK ON IMPROVING EXISTING CRM FUNCTIONALITY, INSTEAD OF ROLLING OUT NEW FUNCTIONALITY!!!!


Need this as well.

It's absurd you can copy properties from deals to contacts but not able to do the opposite.

Functionality is there, so why not? Seems like an easy fix to me.


Hubspot does EVERYTHING, except the basics...


Thanks to HubSpot for adding this functionality to copy company info to deals, within a company-based workflow. PLEASE can this functionality also be added for contact-based workflows, to be able to add contact info to a deal!!

Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

Bump - This would be great and really help finalize the full ability to minimize data entry



also copy from contacts properties



It is already technically possible in Hubspot but only when you create a deal with a workflow: you can then copy a contact property to a deal property. So it's quite unclear why Hubspot made that possible only when you create a deal but not when you only want to update a deal. 



Yes!  Agree! When creating Deal Workflows ther eraly needs to be a feature that copys the value from Compnay or Contacts and populates  into a deal property al in the saame workflow.


Like a Saleforce process builder...

Contributor | Diamond Partner
Hybrid Workflows... Using Zapier to do this takes so much time. The ability to cross-function workflows (CONTACTS, DEALS, TICKETS, COMPANIES)

I need this so much. This would be a huge time saver. For me, it's about adding what Tier the company and deal are in. All our companies that have a tier are in our system. So once a deal is created, I would love to have the property automatically updated. It would also be very helpful to have once our Customer Success Manager is assigned to a deal or even changed, it copies to Company and Contacts. 

It would be awesome to workflow set up to say. Copy property from Company at Deal creation. Or Copy property if updated. 


Thanks for listening!


Hi Carly,

You can copy company information into a deal property. Regarding having a workflow to do it when the deal is created, you can have a company-based workflow whose trigger is "An associated deal has Create Date is "Known". The company will go through the workflow the first time a deal is created, at which point you can copy the company info into the deal. This is limited because a company-based workflow cannot be set to re-trigger when the trigger is not one of the properties in the company record itself, but instead from a property of a related (in this case the deal) record. Therefore only the first deal that is associated to the company will cause the workflow to trigger, while later deals will not re-trigger it to run again to update those future deals.

To work around this, you could make some dummy property on your company record to be a trigger property, for example, "Copy tier". Then, within a deal-based workflow, you could make the workflow trigger when the deal's "Create Date is Known". This deal workflow will trigger each time a deal is created. Within this deal-based workflow, make an action to update the deal's associated company's property, "Copy tier" to be "yes". Then make a separate company-based workflow that triggers when the company's property, "Copy Tier" is equal to "Yes". Make sure you set the re-trigger option to "On" within that company-based workflow, so that the workflow can retrigger each time the company's "Copy Tier" property is again set to "Yes" (for each created deal.) This second, company-based workflow could be set to copy the company's tier value to all its associated deals. At the end of the company-based workflow, after the action to copy the company's tier value to all associated deals, add an action to clear the "Copy tier" company property so that if another deal is created in the future, the deal-based workflow can re-set the company property "Copy Tier" to again equal "Yes", which in turn will re-trigger the company-based workflow to copy its tier value into all related deals.

Be warned, when you update a deal property from within a company-based or contact-based record, you cannot make the workflow only update one specific associated deal. If the workflow action is to copy a company value into a deal property, the workflow will copy that company property value into the deal property of every deal that is associated with the company.

Hope that helps in some way... Food for thought.

HubSpot Product Team

Thanks to everyone for their comments and support of this idea! The team is now actively working on bringing the feature of copying contact properties to deal properties, to workflows. We'll update again, when there's more information to share.