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Copying Company/Contact property values inward to Deal properties (in Deal workflows)

Since last week Hubspot activates the Beta workflow for Deals. I have an idea to optimize the (deal) workflow.

Now I need to fill in some of the properties manually. I like to copy a property like "Inbound or Outbound" from the Company or Contact property to the Deal property. So is it possible to create a workflow which copies some properties from the companies section to the deal properties section? That will make my work a lot more efficient.


Maybe Hubspot can provide the workflow setting with the options below for Deal properties.


Schermafbeelding 2018-07-05 om 10.41.05.png

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@MeganLegge  - Is there an update on this feature? 


@MeganLegge you've only mentioned copying Contact properties into the Deal. Will the team not be exploring this functionality for copying Company values into Deals as well? This is functionality that many commentors on this idea have expressed a need for as well.


My own personal use case is copying a Company address onto a deal, but only the newly created deal and not all associated deals (which is how another user explained that this could be done via Company workflows, but this is not ideal for data integrity's sake).

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Hi @JustinEverett  - It's already possible to use a workflow to copy company properties to deal properties, by using a Company workflow Smiley Very Happy And the reverse as well, you can use a Deal workflow to copy a deal property to a company property. The changes we're working on at the moment, will result in the ability to use a Contact workflow to copy contact property values to deal properties and/or ticket properties (in addition to what can already be done - copying to company properties).  Let me know if you have questions about that!


@HubSpotMaster - We're making great progress on this, but don't have a release date yet. Please follow along on this thread for updates. We'll post here when this feature is ready, to give any customers following along the first available chance to opt in to using the new feature. 


@MeganLegge unfortunately using this does not work for my use case as it applies to all deals associated with the company, not just the newly created deal. What we are looking for is a Deal triggered workflow that will allow us to copy from other objects onto the Deal. That way it is triggered only by the single deal meeting the criteria, and only that deal is updated. Does this make sense?

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Hi @JustinEverett - Apologies, I read through too quickly the first time! I understand now, but no, what we're working on wouldn't solve that use case. Whichever workflow type you're in is the object type from which values can originate, and through the copy action you can copy that source value out to all associated objects of another type. The way our system is currently set up, we can't copy values inward to the object enrolled in the workflow - and that's not something we currently have plans to change. One last thought - you mention data integrity, if by that you mean the company address may change over time, be aware that you can set up a company workflow using the criteria (for example) "Street Address is known" and enable re-enrollment on that criteria. This will enroll a company when it's street address value is set for the first time, and it will also re-enroll that company again, if the street address is updated from one known value, to a new, different known value, so that all associated deals always have the most up to date company address. If that still doesn't help, I'd recommend opening a new Ideas Post with your specific request. 


@MeganLegge sorry about going back and forth on this, but when I read this original idea that @Lisanne has posted, it sounds very similar to what I am also trying to accomplish. It sounds to me like what the team is working on currently is not actually what this idea is asking for.


Hi Justin,

A workaround to your problem can be using multiple workflows to get to the required result (messy but doable.)

1) Create a property on the company object just to contain Yes/No as a trigger value (for example "Update Deals trigger").

2) Have a deal workflow that triggers when it's Create Date is known. Within that deal based workflow, set the "Update Deals trigger" company trigger property to "Yes".

3) Create a temporary field on the deal to catch the company's property value (for example "Temp Company Value".) This temp field can be updated on all deals without affecting data integrity. 

4) Make a company based workflow that triggers (and retriggers) when "Update Deals trigger" is marked as "Yes". Within the workflow, copy the desired company property into the "Temp Company Value" property of all the related deals (seeing that is the issue which does not yet have a workaround.) After copying that company value into all deals, make sure the workflow clears the "Update Deals trigger" field on the company record (so the workflow can be retriggered for future deals.)

5) Make a third workflow that is again deal based which only updates the relevant deal property (for example "Company Value") where that deal property ("Company Value") is unknown and the deal's "Temp Company Value" IS known. In that scenario copy, "Temp Company Value" into "Company Value" on the specific deal object and then clear the "Temp Company Value" on that deal (if you want, but that is not really necessary, because that property will never again have any relevancy for that particular deal.) In this way, only the latest deal, which was never given a value before, will copy the company's present value which will be contained in its temp property to the deal property that you really want to be updated. 

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As @JustinEverett helpfully clarified, there are two distinct requests represented within this thread:


1. Copy a contact or company property inward to a deal, using a deal workflow - This is not the feature the team is currently working on, so I'm going to move this post back to "idea submitted" so it can continue to gain support, and it will remain on the team's radar as a requested feature. I apologize for the confusion on this aspect.


2. Copy a contact property outward to a deal property, using a contact workflow - This is the feature the team has been working on. This feature is now in beta, and the following alternate ideas forum post specifically represents the request. Details about the beta have been posted there:


For any users in a Sales role the Deal property is the main object they are wokring from.  Therefore we need the ability to translate certain key values from the company or contact records onto the deal.  The less time sales need to leae the deal page the better

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This is something that needs implementation for a multitude of reasons - please HubSpot, do the thing 🙂

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Hi everyone, 


Following up with an update. At this time, implementation of this feature "Copy a contact or company property inward to a deal, using a deal workflow" isn't feasible for the workflows tool based on the current structure of our CRM objects & their relationships with each other. 


That said, the CRM team is currently exploring adding more robust functionality to object associations. Progress in that realm may enable the workflows tool to have more flexibility in updating data across records, in more specific and targeted ways.


I'm marking this idea as Being Reviewed, though bear in mind that if a solution is forthcoming, it would be in the long term, not the near future, as it's dependent on these other potential changes, which we will be following closely on our end.


I'd also like to call out this other requested feature, which requests property mapping/syncing between different objects. Some of the comments in this thread appear aligned with that concept, and it's a feature the CRM team is actively asking for feedback on via this survey. If that feature would better suit your needs, I recommend taking the survey and adding your support there as well! We'll reach out again when we have more information. 




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This is a feature I need as well and I have filled in the survey. Will interested parties get an update when this feature is available?


I would plus 1 on this.

In the sales pipeline, I am trying to trigger a DocuSign integration using Zapier to send an agreement automatically when they reach a certain stage and this requires getting the contact email and name across.

However, because you can only enroll a contact once in a workflow to copy contact details if the person signs up again and renews it will not trigger the enrollment again which is annoying. 

It is much nicer for the CS team to drag the deal into the next stage to trigger the automation in Zapier rather than updating a contact property to trigger it as they could then accidentally trigger this at any stage.


Is there any update on that subject? Is been 2 years now and this is still a problem.


I need to copy a company property (industry) to each deal created for that company. The easy way I thought was using a deal workflow beeing triggered by "deal stage is known", and copying industry from company to deal, but that doens't seem to be possible yet... I then tried using a company workflow to do that, and it is possible, but since i can't use a deal property as a re-enrollment trigger, it only works for the first deal created for the company or deals that are already created when i activate the workflow, comapanies won't be re-enrolled on the workflow... 


I think i did found a workaround for that, using a company workflow and the company property "associated deals" that can be used as a re-enrollment trigger. Since this is a property that shows how many deals are associated with that company, each time a new deal is created, it would be updated and re-enroll the company on the workflow... In theory it is working, but i still need more time to prove that. Has anyone tried something like that yet? 


Even if this solution works, it's not ideal and if this solution already existis on contact workflows, that i can copy properties from company on a contact workflow, it should be present on other object based workflows too... 



PS: "Segmento" equals industry in portuguese, i use a personalized field for that info.



Any news on this one? 




There is a similar issue where you can't copy a Contact Property to a Ticket Property in a ticket-based workflow.  Please fix this!

HubSpot Product Team



Thanks for your continued feedback and examples that have helped us understand your needs here for this use case: Copy a contact or company property inward to a deal, using a deal workflow


My team is currently working on a new workflow action that makes it possible to pull in property values from associated records, into any workflow for use in other actions. One example of this would be, within a deal workflow, you could get a certain contact/company property value off of an associated contact/company, and save it to a deal property. Please stay tuned to this thread for continued updates as this feature moves through development.





@MeganLegge any update on this?


@MeganLegge +1 to this idea, this is necessary due to the very limiting nature of the Campaign object in Marketing Professional