Copying Company/Contact property values inward to Deal properties (in Deal workflows)

Since last week Hubspot activates the Beta workflow for Deals. I have an idea to optimize the (deal) workflow.

Now I need to fill in some of the properties manually. I like to copy a property like "Inbound or Outbound" from the Company or Contact property to the Deal property. So is it possible to create a workflow which copies some properties from the companies section to the deal properties section? That will make my work a lot more efficient.


Maybe Hubspot can provide the workflow setting with the options below for Deal properties.


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i don't understand why this isn't already an option 😀

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Need this

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I'm adding my support for this functionality request too please. It would've saved me a lot of time if I could copy the company "country" property to its associated deal's "country" property. 

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I’ve been asking for this for long time now.  I can’t imagine this is a tough fix as a contact propert can be copied to a company by not a deal. 



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Not sure if this helps but when using a workflow to create a deal, say from certain fields being known or meeting a certain criteria, you can copy across fields from the contact to the deal.

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Me too...


Also important to me. I have thousands of deals, and need to copy a property from the deal to the company. Don't want to do this manually as it'll take hours.

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We also absolutely need this - quite frankly I consider it absurd it's not already there.  PLEASE WORK ON IMPROVING EXISTING CRM FUNCTIONALITY, INSTEAD OF ROLLING OUT NEW FUNCTIONALITY!!!!

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Need this as well.

It's absurd you can copy properties from deals to contacts but not able to do the opposite.

Functionality is there, so why not? Seems like an easy fix to me.

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Hubspot does EVERYTHING, except the basics...

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Thanks to HubSpot for adding this functionality to copy company info to deals, within a company-based workflow. PLEASE can this functionality also be added for contact-based workflows, to be able to add contact info to a deal!!

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Bump - This would be great and really help finalize the full ability to minimize data entry

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also copy from contacts properties


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It is already technically possible in Hubspot but only when you create a deal with a workflow: you can then copy a contact property to a deal property. So it's quite unclear why Hubspot made that possible only when you create a deal but not when you only want to update a deal. 


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Yes!  Agree! When creating Deal Workflows ther eraly needs to be a feature that copys the value from Compnay or Contacts and populates  into a deal property al in the saame workflow.


Like a Saleforce process builder...

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Hybrid Workflows... Using Zapier to do this takes so much time. The ability to cross-function workflows (CONTACTS, DEALS, TICKETS, COMPANIES)
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I need this so much. This would be a huge time saver. For me, it's about adding what Tier the company and deal are in. All our companies that have a tier are in our system. So once a deal is created, I would love to have the property automatically updated. It would also be very helpful to have once our Customer Success Manager is assigned to a deal or even changed, it copies to Company and Contacts. 

It would be awesome to workflow set up to say. Copy property from Company at Deal creation. Or Copy property if updated. 


Thanks for listening!

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Hi Carly,

You can copy company information into a deal property. Regarding having a workflow to do it when the deal is created, you can have a company-based workflow whose trigger is "An associated deal has Create Date is "Known". The company will go through the workflow the first time a deal is created, at which point you can copy the company info into the deal. This is limited because a company-based workflow cannot be set to re-trigger when the trigger is not one of the properties in the company record itself, but instead from a property of a related (in this case the deal) record. Therefore only the first deal that is associated to the company will cause the workflow to trigger, while later deals will not re-trigger it to run again to update those future deals.

To work around this, you could make some dummy property on your company record to be a trigger property, for example, "Copy tier". Then, within a deal-based workflow, you could make the workflow trigger when the deal's "Create Date is Known". This deal workflow will trigger each time a deal is created. Within this deal-based workflow, make an action to update the deal's associated company's property, "Copy tier" to be "yes". Then make a separate company-based workflow that triggers when the company's property, "Copy Tier" is equal to "Yes". Make sure you set the re-trigger option to "On" within that company-based workflow, so that the workflow can retrigger each time the company's "Copy Tier" property is again set to "Yes" (for each created deal.) This second, company-based workflow could be set to copy the company's tier value to all its associated deals. At the end of the company-based workflow, after the action to copy the company's tier value to all associated deals, add an action to clear the "Copy tier" company property so that if another deal is created in the future, the deal-based workflow can re-set the company property "Copy Tier" to again equal "Yes", which in turn will re-trigger the company-based workflow to copy its tier value into all related deals.

Be warned, when you update a deal property from within a company-based or contact-based record, you cannot make the workflow only update one specific associated deal. If the workflow action is to copy a company value into a deal property, the workflow will copy that company property value into the deal property of every deal that is associated with the company.

Hope that helps in some way... Food for thought.

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HubSpot Product Team

Thanks to everyone for their comments and support of this idea! The team is now actively working on bringing the feature of copying contact properties to deal properties, to workflows. We'll update again, when there's more information to share.