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Copy smart rules to other pages or bulk upload parameters - GDPR compliance

Please add the ability to copy a smart rule and all it's parameters to another Landing Page. Particularly smart rules relating to 'country'. This is very important to make GDPR compliance easier to implement on Hubspot.

In order to show the correct privacy note on a form on a landing page for GDPR and non-GDPR countries I needed to set up a smart rule based on country and list the European GDPR countries manually (20+). I now want to use the same smart rule on another different landing page and find there is no way to copy the rule, the list of countries or copy it in from an Excel list. The only way is to manually create that rule again. This costs valuable time and leaves room for errors.


Being able to copy the rule itself, list of countries or at least from Excel  (like I can with parameters for Filters) will make it much easier for Marketers to set up smart content compliant with GDPR rules. Also considering Hubspot has a big customer base in Europe.

Also, from a GDPR prespective, what about dependent territories/countries like Azores, Canary Islands and Madeira. I can not select those. Are they covered?


It would also be helpful to group GDPR countries into a Group that can be selected together for the smart rule.  

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Greta idea, we have the same major issue