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Copy line items to automated deal creation


I have noticed a (fairly large) missing property copy using the pipeline automations, that being copying the line item associated to a deal.

Context.  When we close a deal, we automate the creation for our Customer Success Pipeline.  There is no option to copy the line items in the Sales Deal over to the Customer Success deal.  The only options are to select the exact line items in the automation or copy the amount...whith every deal being different and having multiple sku's, this makes the CSM's job harder to uncover what was sold in the deal.

Copying the Line Item from one deal to the next should be added to support the knowledge capture for the next team.

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@SKluge I'm not certain if I understand your use case entirely, but instead of copying all the line items from one deal to another, would moving the existing deal (that was changed to Closed Won) to the Customer Success Pipeline accomplish what you're looking for?


When the deal in the original pipeline is changed to (whatever deal status you want), it could enroll that deal into an automation that would move it to the Customer Success pipeline. You wouldn't be creating a 2nd deal, you'd just be progressing the original deal on to the next stage by changing pipelines.


Upvote from me! We're looking to auto-create renewal deals and we can copy over the deal, but not the line items. This would be super useful.