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Copy contact properties to the ticket



I would like to copy the property from my contact into the ticket. I want to be able to access URL from our application directly from tickets to save the hassle, but unfortunately, it looks that I can't copy contact properties to ticket properties (company based workflow).

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Also looking for this functionality with a customer here. We created a company based workflow, and copied a custom company property to a custom ticket property, but the value will only post to the first ticket created and associated with the company, tickets that follow will not automatically be updated. This function would be very useful for companies with more than one associated ticket. 


It would be very helpful for our Customer Care team to be able to see Contact information on the ticket! It'd be so easy to automate if we could copy contact properties onto ticket properties like we are able to do with other record types. It's a GREAT functionality; please add it soon! 


Running into this same issue and very dissapointed. I open up my ticket and don't see the First or Last name or email of the contact that submitted it. If I could copy the contact properties to the ticket properties for these fields it would solve it easily. 


Agreed! We have internal data that we want associated with every level of contact. This would be extremerly useful. 

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Same here, we have a client who wants data which is stored in contact-properties to be available in tickets too.


I also need to be able to copy contact properties to tickets. My reason is that every time a customer creates a support ticket a contact is created. I want to be able to copy the email into a text field on the ticket record so I can delete the contact (no need to pay for those contacts that I am never going to market to) but still have the email available to me in the ticket record should I need it in the future.

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Do we have updates on this? It would be very helpful for us too

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Hi all,


I'm marking this idea as Delivered, since the main request throughout is for the ability to copy contact property values to ticket properties in a workflow, which is now possible. With the contact workflows upgrade we've rolled out over the last several months, it's now possible to copy contact property values to ticket properties, with contact workflows.  Note, however, it's not possible to do this from a company workflow as mentioned in the original post, and that's not a functionality we plan to introduce as it isn't currently feasible. 


There are a couple of other related features which may touch on additional desired capabilities related to this thread, that I'll mention for anyone who wishes to add their support to those more specific use cases:

Thank you!


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@MeganLegge The automation falls short because it also doesn't allow for a Contact Property update when a property that is known may have changed and need s to be carried over to the ticket level to save a customer service rep from toggling between Ticket and Contact records.


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Hi @HarvestROI 

Thanks for following up! You mentioned that in some circumstances you'd like to re-enroll an object into a workflow anytime a property on that record is updated, for example when a contact property changes it should update a ticket property value. 
This is currently possible when re-enrolling on the criteria "[property] is known" and I'm curious if that would solve this issue for you. When using the property filter is known for re-enrollment, objects can re-enroll in two ways:
  • The property gains a value after not previously having one.
  • The property is updated from one value to another. For example, a contact's lifecycle stage changing from Lead to Subscriber would trigger enrollment for "Lifecycle stage is known." Each time a contact's lifecycle stage is updated, they would re-enroll in the workflow. (discussed in this KB doc)
So for your example, you could set up a contact workflow with an enrollment (and re-enrollment) criteria of something like contact "Lifecycle stage is known," and anytime a contact has a lifecycle stage change, the contact would enroll (and re-enroll) and that updated lifecycle stage value could be copied over to a ticket property. If anything I've outlined here has helped, and you have feedback about how this functionality could be more clear in the workflows tool, I would love to hear your suggestions.

I think this could be clearer if you made it function the way it does for deals. Here's an example. 


For our particular use case, I want to grab the user property User Browser and place it in a support ticket. This property has the potential to change every time the user logs in. Because this property can change, I want it to populate on a ticket every time a new ticket enters our support pipeline. I currently don't have an enrollment trigger for ticket stage but you will see there is an enrollment trigger for deal stage. If ticket stage was an option to trigger a workflow I think it might make this process easier.  


Screenshot 2020-11-18 at 12.51.20 PM.png


My use case is a lot simpler than others here - all I want is for when you create a new ticket directly from a customer record, for that ticket to have Customer Name and Email address pre-populated.  Can't see what would be hard about that?  It's really inefficient having to copy contact info over when it is already open and available.  It also introduces the risk of transcription error.  The only bit that's pre-populated is the "Associate ticket with" box, where it is correctly showing the contact from whose page the new ticket has been generated.  If that's there, why not the other contact info?  Thanks.  Simon