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Copy contact properties to Deal?

I've created a custom source field for Contacts and mirrored it in Deals. The reason for this is because the Hubspot default options were too limiting and could not be edited. Now I want to map the fields so when a new deal is created from a Contact the source information is updated within the Deal. My ultimate goal is to map deals to sources.


Is this possible? If not, is there another way to approach this that will give me the same result?

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April 28, 2020 04:51 AM

Hi @Snowwhite  & @horeapiper Smiley heureux Thanks for your question and assistance!


Horea is correct, in a contact workflow you can copy a contact property value to a deal property, as part of the Create Deal action. 


Additionally, in a contact workflow you can also copy a contact property value to a deal property, on all of the contact's associated deals, via the Copy Property Value action.

February 21, 2020 09:23 AM

Hi @TarynR The functionality that has been rolled out is the ability to use a contact workflow to copy a contact property value to all of the contact's associated deals, into a certain deal property. From a deal workflow, the functionality is the reverse, you can copy a deal property value to a contact property on all of the contacts associated with the deal.


It sounds like you're looking for something a bit different, perhaps this:

This other idea is the concept of copying a value inward. So for example, using a deal workflow to enroll specific deals, and then copying an associated contact's property inward to that deal, thereby only updating some of the contact's associated deals with that value. If that's the case, please add your support to that idea! Or if any further clarification is needed please feel free to reach out to me directly Smiley heureux

February 20, 2020 12:56 PM

Hi @jamiemcrobb It sounds like you might be interested in checking out this other idea about syncing properties between objects:


The product team recently posted on that ideas post with a survey seeking to learn more, if you have feedback please share!

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February 14, 2020 07:52 AM

February 14, 2020 07:52 AM

Hi @srpetit & @SalesTeamSix This is now live to all customers! I'll update the post accordingly Smiley heureux

January 09, 2020 12:18 PM

Hi @SalesTeamSix Existing workflows will be upgraded to render in the new UI, without disruption. We elaborate on the process a bit more in this blog post:


Note that while we're still collecting requests for customers who specifically want to upgrade immediately, we've also started the general roll to all customers. Customers who take no action, will see their contact workflows upgraded to the new tools soon. Please let me know if any questions remain!

January 09, 2020 04:30 AM

Hi @SalesTeamSix Any customer who would like access to this feature can request it by filling out the linked form: You can expect access in your account 24-48 hours after submitting the form. Please send me a direct message with your hub Id if you have any further questions or issues getting access for your account!

December 17, 2019 12:32 PM

Hi @AnaGut ! Thanks for reaching out, but no, that functionality is not part of this change. It's not currently possible to use contact/company tokens in an internal email in a deal workflow. I would recommend continuing to follow and add support to the other ideas post you shared, to communicate interest in that feature Smiley heureux


On the other hand, you could leverage the expanded property copy capabilities this change does bring, to copy key contact property values from the contact to the contact's associated deal, and then add those deal properties as tokens in an internal email in a deal workflow. 

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November 07, 2019 09:34 AM

This feature is currently in private beta: Copy contact properties to deal, quote, and ticket properties. As a part of the update, you can also set and clear deal, quote, and ticket properties with contact workflows. This feature will be available as part of a broader under-the-hood renovation: moving contact workflows to our new workflows system.


Fill out this form to request earliest available access for your account, which will happen when we begin public beta, over the course of the next few weeks:


When access is given, your most recent contact workflows (those created after August 5th) will be moved to the new workflows system, which gives access to this feature and more. To move an older contact workflow to the new system, you can do so by cloning it: every newly created workflow in your account will then live in the new system.


Please note that once you are opted into the new system, you cannot be opted back out. Read about all of the changes the new workflows system will bring, here: A New Engine for your Workflows 

September 12, 2019 05:17 AM

Hi @anthonylin & all - Thanks for following up! I assure you we're aware of our customers' pressing need for this functionality. We're going to deliver this feature, and this is part of the team's highest priority project at the moment - we're actively working on it. We hope to deliver this soon. I will update this post as more specific information becomes available.


To follow up to @bmccluskey's observation, this feature will be delivered as part of an overall/ongoing effort to create parity between company/deal/ticket/quote workflows and contact workflows. Contact workflows were built on our original workflows system, and the others have been built on a new, more performant workflows system. We're actively working on moving contact workflows to that same new system, and as we make progress on this project you'll see many positive benefits, such as this feature of copying deal/contact properties in both directions. Stay tuned for more details!

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September 05, 2019 08:58 AM

Thanks to everyone for their comments and support of this idea! The team is now actively working on bringing the feature of copying contact properties to deal properties, to workflows. We'll update again, when there's more information to share.

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Hello @jameswindrow,


Thank you for your question.  It isn't currently possible to automatically pull contact property values into an associated deal property value.  Any deal property that you want to match a contact property would have to be manually added or imported.  The workflows tool allows copying of contact/company properties to each other, but deals do not have that same funcitonality.  


I'm sure this isn't what you wanted to hear, but I hope it clears things up.





Brett, is that on the roadmap, allowing workflows to copy contact/company properties to deals? I need to report on Deal Stages by Source - seems basic - but can't get to the contact/company marketing source properties in the Deal Views or Reports. e.g. Proposals by source, Closed Won by source?




Same here

Contributeur | Partenaire solutions Diamond

This would also be something super helpful to us, as it's easier to have everything on the deals dashboard rather than switch between the contact and the deal if it's one and the same, essentially.


Another vote up on this one. This seems like a no brainer and it really difficult to do manually.


I guess my question is then why not? We've been struggling for months on how to better use Contact / Company / Deals but there is a big data silo between what lands in Marketing and Sales.

If we are paying customers of both, surely it should be possible.


Is there a link to the feature request somewhere where we can all vote for it?


@BrettLanguirand is this coming?


This is crazy to not have and is clearly something that a large amount of HubSpot users want... 


I have to say coming from using ActiveCampaign, the automation tool in HubSpot is very limited.


I would just like to add some fuel to the fire. As a paying customer, I would love to see this added as a workflow option. And seeing as how it already exists as an option between contacts and companies, I'm sure it'd be fairly simple to add deals in the mix! 


I concur.  I'm truly flabberghasted that this isn't a feature.  Mapping the fields from contact to deal, so you don't have to replicate the data entry of 10 fields each time you create a new deal. For my company, these deals largely remain the same as in, Number of Users, Location, Product Type.  Wow.  I'm onboarind my sales people today and this will be very sad news for them.  PLEASE FIX!


@BrettLanguirand can you please remove your "solution" from this thread so that it can appear as still an open request needing a solution. Your solution was that there is not a solution. That's not a solution, that is just confirming the issue. We really need this functionality.


This isn't solved...

I really hope HubSpot is working on this one - I just upvoted it for you & for me!

I am a SDR & qualify leads for an AE & it is so time consuming for me to have to copy all if the relevant information from a "Contact" to a "Deal" when I am passing off a "Qualified Opportunity" to him. All of the relevant information is already tracked in my "Contact Properties!"

It also would be nice if deals didn't have to be clicked through each stage in order for the tracking to be accurate.

With the way we have our "Deal Stages" set up, several times a day a user will have already begun steps on their own to start progressing towards a "Closed Won," but - even if we already input that data into the deal when it is created - we have to start from the beginning of the deal & click through for our reporting to be accurate.

Having these two features would really clean up the sales process.

Hi all,


Not sure how many of you are part of the Beta Program but HS introduced a version of this yesterday into the program. I've experimented it with a bit and I can't copy all the properties but it is a step in the right direction. So many hours saved!


Good to know, thanks for the heads up. Unfortunately, if the feature can't support all contact properties (it seems as if some of them don't work per your note), the feature is still of no use. Gotta be able to rely upon being able to do it without limitation.




Sorry but you did not provide a solution to this and we still need this fixed ASAP. 


One vote for this from here too. Especially from deal properties to contact/company properties would be excellent.


I would also love to be able to copy information onto the deal. It would help simplify reporting a LOT. 


Definitely voting for this feature as well.


Btw, has anyone tried to use a 3rd party tool, such as zapier or to copy company/contact property to Deal property?


Please share your experience.






Can this (copy company/contact property to Deals) be done via a 3rd party automation tool such as Zapier or