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Copy contact properties to Deal?

I've created a custom source field for Contacts and mirrored it in Deals. The reason for this is because the Hubspot default options were too limiting and could not be edited. Now I want to map the fields so when a new deal is created from a Contact the source information is updated within the Deal. My ultimate goal is to map deals to sources.


Is this possible? If not, is there another way to approach this that will give me the same result?

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Thanks @MeganLegge 


I went ahead and signed up for my own corporate portal to give it a try but a few of my clients need this feature. My fear in trying on their portal is the verbiage in the request form gives me the sense that all existing workflows will be migrated to a new completely different tool.


I'm in fear of things breaking for my clients who have dozens of complex workflows each, sometimes hundreds for one of my marketing enterprise clients.

Please explain what will happen with the new workflow system to the existing workflows.

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Hi @SalesTeamSix Existing workflows will be upgraded to render in the new UI, without disruption. We elaborate on the process a bit more in this blog post:


Note that while we're still collecting requests for customers who specifically want to upgrade immediately, we've also started the general roll to all customers. Customers who take no action, will see their contact workflows upgraded to the new tools soon. Please let me know if any questions remain!


It's 2020 now -- is this a feature?

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@srpetit yes @MeganLegge  helped me get all my clients into the new workflow engine.

I can't find the link to submit the information but she will post I'm sure for you.


If you need help and are an agency or end client I have some bandwidth and pretty good with properties/workflows.

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Hi @srpetit & @SalesTeamSix This is now live to all customers! I'll update the post accordingly Smiley Happy

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Thanks @SalesTeamSix !

Hi @MeganLegge -- will you link me to an instruction manual on how to move Contact Properties into Deal Properties using the workflow? In particular: 
The issue I'm dealing with here is essentially that our clients fill out a Hubspot form on our website which imports the info into Contact Properties. I need to then turn these Contact Properties into Deal Properties.

Any help would be much appreciated!



The frustrating thing is that Hubspot already does this for some of the standard fields. The 'original source' fields pre-populate based on the contact information, I just want to apply the same logic to a set of custom fields.

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Hi @jamiemcrobb It sounds like you might be interested in checking out this other idea about syncing properties between objects:


The product team recently posted on that ideas post with a survey seeking to learn more, if you have feedback please share!

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@MeganLegge I see that there is now the ability to copy contact properties to deals in contact workflows but not in deal workflows - Is that correct? 


We are needing this functionality when using deal triggered workflows so that fields are copied to just. the deal that triggers the workflow and not all deals that meet the deal criteria set in a contact workflow. It seems that deal based workflows still only allow to copy deal fields to the. other objects but doesnt allow the ability to select the object to copy from to the deal


Please advise if this is the case or if maybe its hasnt been activated for all accounts?


Thanks so much 

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Hi @TarynR The functionality that has been rolled out is the ability to use a contact workflow to copy a contact property value to all of the contact's associated deals, into a certain deal property. From a deal workflow, the functionality is the reverse, you can copy a deal property value to a contact property on all of the contacts associated with the deal.


It sounds like you're looking for something a bit different, perhaps this:

This other idea is the concept of copying a value inward. So for example, using a deal workflow to enroll specific deals, and then copying an associated contact's property inward to that deal, thereby only updating some of the contact's associated deals with that value. If that's the case, please add your support to that idea! Or if any further clarification is needed please feel free to reach out to me directly Smiley Happy




I am still not 100% clear on if we can map custom contact properties to a deal property, and how? I have gone through several pages on this thread but am still not certain on if an how this can be accomplished.






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Hi Soraya,


You can do this using the 'Copy a property to a deal property' in the Create Deal action inside the workflow tool and map the properties.

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 10.02.04.png

Screenshot 2020-04-28 at 10.07.14.png

Before doing that you have to make sure that the properties you want to map are available in the Deal Properties too.

If you are using dropdown select, check boxes or radio buttons you have to create them using the same options/values that you are using in the contact properties.




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Hi @Snowwhite  & @horeapiper Smiley Happy Thanks for your question and assistance!


Horea is correct, in a contact workflow you can copy a contact property value to a deal property, as part of the Create Deal action. 


Additionally, in a contact workflow you can also copy a contact property value to a deal property, on all of the contact's associated deals, via the Copy Property Value action.


This is so basic in logic, but its too complicated to apply. I have lot of problems with this too.


here too!


+1 for this! And the option to keep the fields in sync, so if it's changed on the deal level it will reflect on the contact level too.