Copy contact properties to Deal?


I've created a custom source field for Contacts and mirrored it in Deals. The reason for this is because the Hubspot default options were too limiting and could not be edited. Now I want to map the fields so when a new deal is created from a Contact the source information is updated within the Deal. My ultimate goal is to map deals to sources.


Is this possible? If not, is there another way to approach this that will give me the same result?

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@dborn - Over time, I ran into the same issue with Hubspot timing out when searching for deals. I had to abandon the previous method altogether. Our team used to create the deal when the opportunity was realized and then update the deal when a transaction came through. Now, we no longer create the deal until the transaction comes through. We still use Zapier to automate the deal creation, avoiding the search step altogether. This means all of our deals are won, which helps with ROI metrics for the advertising accounts we have linked to HS but it also means that we are no longer seeing metrics on lost deals within deal reporting. Instead, we setup a custom lifecycle stage using contact properties along with workflows that set time stamps on contact properties that mimic hard coded properties like - Became A Customer Date. Now we track won and lost opportunites using average lifetime value and the metrics are based on the custom lifecycle stage. Good luck with finding your solution. 




This seems like a no brainer. Lets get it released Hubspot !!! 

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Agree that this functionality is needed
@jameswindrow the workaround for a property that is a dropdown or multi select is to build a workflow that checks to see when a property (i.e. source) is set as something (i.e. organic) then set the deal field source to organic. This will work when you have set options (i.e. dropdown, checkbox, multiselect) but doesnt work for text, number fields, etc. 

HubSpot, this is the scenario to illustrate the issue:

- A contact attends an appointment 

- We send an email to ask for a rating (out of 5) and a comment 

- Because there can be multiple appointments and multiple times this survey (form) is completed the contact property will be overwritten each time, therefore when the form gets submitted I set the rating fields on the deal with the automation described above but I cannot set the comment field, so this does not wotk for reporting - a comment may be for the wrong rating if a contact has submitted multiple times 




Super important feature!!!


2,5 years later @BrettLanguirand...
We are still waiting for it 🙂

Status updated to: In Planning
HubSpot Product Team

Thanks to everyone for their comments and support of this idea! The team is now actively working on bringing the feature of copying contact properties to deal properties, to workflows. We'll update again, when there's more information to share.


Do we have a ETA on when to expect it Megan?  Also is there a open request that we can bump to show that customers want it. 


Just to give a little background. I have a field/property on our contacts called event and also one on deals. The purpose of this is to track how many contacts and deals we close from events that our sales people attend. 


In the end, I would be creating a workflow to copy the event from the contact to any deal that the contact is the deal contact for. This way our Salespeople don't need to do double data entry. 



Anthony Lin 


WE really need this. Attribution of any kind is sort of useless without 

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It blows my mind that this is still an issue... I realize that HubSpot's tools were created in silos, but they need to spend time on creating a consistent, integrated experience. The disconnect between tools is obvious: workflows for deals looks and operates completely different than workflows for contacts. 


I just had to create TWO workflows and TWO additional properties to get information from a Contact to appear in a filtered list in Deals. That's insanity. If the information is already in HubSpot, why am I having to create a workaround to use it? 

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Hi @anthonylin & all - Thanks for following up! I assure you we're aware of our customers' pressing need for this functionality. We're going to deliver this feature, and this is part of the team's highest priority project at the moment - we're actively working on it. We hope to deliver this soon. I will update this post as more specific information becomes available.


To follow up to @bmccluskey's observation, this feature will be delivered as part of an overall/ongoing effort to create parity between company/deal/ticket/quote workflows and contact workflows. Contact workflows were built on our original workflows system, and the others have been built on a new, more performant workflows system. We're actively working on moving contact workflows to that same new system, and as we make progress on this project you'll see many positive benefits, such as this feature of copying deal/contact properties in both directions. Stay tuned for more details!


Hi @MeganLegge , just to through our hat in the ring, this is definitely something that we'd need so will be following the thread with baited breath!



This is interesting. I was just trying to add a workflow where a custom property field in Deals would be valued from the same custom property field from Companies. I had assumed that if a new Deal is created from a Company record, I could easily create a workflow to populate the value in the custom field (if it's known). I was surprised when I couldn't do that, and then stumbled on this request. 


Please, please, please add this functionality! I hate to ask the Sales team to manually enter a value when it already exists at the Company (and Contact) level - too much risk of incorrect info being entered!  

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HI all, 


Think we've found the solution.


See screen shot attached - pink.

The solution is a little feature we worked out, that allows you to copy any contacy propery into a deal record.


First you do need to create (identifically mirror) a new property filed as a deal property, identical to the contact property field. Then go and create the step in the image attached.opy Contact Property to Deal Property.png


Lastly and with new deal property created this way, you would want to customise the default fields you want to see in your deal 'about' view, to include those new from the workflow.


@GlennMillerLupo  That is a great solution if a deal doesn't already exist.  If you use this process for existing deals that don't have some of the necessary info pushed over, you will essentially dupe your deals funnel.

@hubspot  this is a no brainer need for the system. When a deal is created it should automatically pick up what is in the existing contact record. When my flex team goes between contact and deal, they often work the contact record and not the deal record which also throws off reporting.

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

This feature is currently in private beta: Copy contact properties to deal, quote, and ticket properties. As a part of the update, you can also set and clear deal, quote, and ticket properties with contact workflows. This feature will be available as part of a broader under-the-hood renovation: moving contact workflows to our new workflows system.


Fill out this form to request earliest available access for your account, which will happen when we begin public beta, over the course of the next few weeks:


When access is given, your most recent contact workflows (those created after August 5th) will be moved to the new workflows system, which gives access to this feature and more. To move an older contact workflow to the new system, you can do so by cloning it: every newly created workflow in your account will then live in the new system.


Please note that once you are opted into the new system, you cannot be opted back out. Read about all of the changes the new workflows system will bring, here: A New Engine for your Workflows 

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@MeganLegge  Hi Megan, would you know if this change will allow us to add contact or company personalization tokens to an internal email in a deals workflow? Or is this functionality not going to be implemented? I've seen an idea about this but I'm not sure if these changes will impact tokens as well. Any ideas? Thank you!

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @AnaGut ! Thanks for reaching out, but no, that functionality is not part of this change. It's not currently possible to use contact/company tokens in an internal email in a deal workflow. I would recommend continuing to follow and add support to the other ideas post you shared, to communicate interest in that feature Smiley Happy


On the other hand, you could leverage the expanded property copy capabilities this change does bring, to copy key contact property values from the contact to the contact's associated deal, and then add those deal properties as tokens in an internal email in a deal workflow. 

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It's crucial to have this feature as some properties should be able to be matched into deals. 


For example if I have a UTM for a contact associated to the deals (and I only care about the UTM associated to the first contact I associate to the deal) I want to be able to see this in the deal level. 


Please make it happen. 


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Hi all,


Hey HubSpot team how is this going will it be released? If not I have solved these issues with a few work arounds and to be honest not sure if your solution will be better?

Please let us all know. I'm marking this thread and will pop in if HubSpot can't update and I'll help others here.



- David

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Hi @SalesTeamSix Any customer who would like access to this feature can request it by filling out the linked form: You can expect access in your account 24-48 hours after submitting the form. Please send me a direct message with your hub Id if you have any further questions or issues getting access for your account!