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Copy contact email marketing details with regard to links clicked to contact view

We want to see in the Contact view more details with regard to what those users did on our email marketing newsletters e.g. we would like to see in the contact view what links where clicked by the user from our Email marketing campaigns.


The goal is that when our outbound callers get on the line with prospects to more accurately know where to drive the discussion in order to make the cold calling campaigns more efficient (i.e. when the user clicks a specific link it confirms the interest towards that subject).


The solution to this seems really simple - copy paste the same information shown for the Contact from the Email marketing view to Contact view.


MailChimp and Outfunnel integrations push this exact information to Hubspot via integration.


Third party solutions already do this for years but when using Hubspot's own solution this is not already implemented.


Contact view.pngEmail marketing view of contact.png