Copy and paste multiple cells from Excel into HubSpot smart list


Right now, if you want to add multiple criteria from an Excel doc into a HubSpot smart list, you have to copy and paste them each separately. I would love the functionality to be able to copy and paste multiple cells from Excel into a smart list at once for easy updating.

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I think you misunderstood. You don't add the column and cells with ";" then upload the list, you add the column and the semicolons then highlight the cells with the value you want to add to your filter/smart list criteria/whatever, Copy them, then Paste them into Hubspot. For example, if you were creating a smart list and you only wanted to include Contacts with a Mailing Country value of Mexico, Canada, or Europe, you would create the list, select a Filter Type of Contact properties>Mailing Country, then select Is Equal to Any Of, then go to your spreadsheet and copy (Ctrl+C) the cells with the country names and the ; cells beside them and then Paste them (Ctrl+V) into the "Add Values" flled in Hubspot. The result would be this:

Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 3.26.22 PM.png

Then you just save your new list. This saves you all the work of either typing each individual value or copying/pasting them in one at a time. Very handy for adding a bunch of different filter values at once.


@JSG3   I can't thank you enough!


Adding the semicolon to separate values before copy and pasting into Hubspot doesn't work for me. I tried this on a deal object's field filter.

Hubspot, please begin supporting copying and pasting rows of data in, just like Marketo and Salesforce do. It's preventing this from being an Enterprise platform. And please don't make this part of Ops Hub.


@GreggPTX Thanks for replying! Is the key to leave the semicolon in its own column of data and then to copy and paste 2 columns of data into Hubspot? The1st column would contain our values and the 2nd column would only contain ;'s in this case?