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Copy and paste layouts between drag and drop emails

When creating marketing emails in the drag and drop editor, I regularly need to copy a section in one email to another. 


Currently, the only work around is to save email A that contains the section I need, then build email B around that section. Not ideal if email B has different branding and I only want to copy that one section from email A. 


The plugin elementor on Wordpress lets me copy elements between web pages with their drag and drop editor no problem.  A feature like that would save me an ungodly amount of time on my marketing emails. 



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This is my biggest gripe when working with Hubspot. 


I use Webflow on a daily basis, and can easily copy design content from one page (or site) to another. Our emails, however, are such a pain because we have to duplicate an existing email and then rework it or completely rebuild the elements we want to bring over.