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Copy account setup between hubs

We would like to be able to copy account setups (custom properties etc) between accounts. We have an integration between our own product and HubSpot, and for testing purposes we would like to have multiple accounts with same settings. Now we have quite a lot of custom properties we need to create each and every time we need a new environment and its causing us a huge workload regarding testing and development flow.

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Agree and great idea. As sales organization we do a lot of extra work by setting up HubSpot for our customers and it would be way easier to replicate existing configuration, as way of working remains the same, as well as our workflow and trainings based on this. So looking forward to a tool for this purpose HubSpot!


Agreed - there is the facility to export the all property details, for example - it would be great if we could import those into a new portal to "automatically" set up that new account's objects as a replica of the existing account.  Perhaps through API calls ... the custom object APIs docs provides the facility to GET All schemas.  It would take technical knowledge, but perhaps, that code can be used to replicate the schemas in a new account?    


great idea. we also really need this functionality. please add such a function.