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Copy Product Information

Now that we're able to add custom fields/properties to products there is a need to be able to copy and/or associate that property to other HubSpot objects. 


For instance, I have color variants for a product but I can't get that to copy or associate to a custom object or deal record so I still have to include it as a deal/other object property.


Product properties only appear to work as a line item trigger. 

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As opposed to creating a plethora of additional products in my product library, is it possible to copy products/line items from an existing client into the products/line item section of a new client's Deal?


It would be super helpful to be able to have product / line item information as a copy-able property into deals or ticket records.


This way when a new ticket is created, the information about that company's products can appear in the ticket for ease of use. Less clicks - easier to manage.


Without product information being available as a "property" we can't use this information in workflows.


We have the same issue! 
I would like to inform our sales team when a contract expires in X days. Currently, we have not found a way except to manually add the contract end date to the deal.
If someone has an alternative, I would appreciate it!


We have the same issue.

When working with Line items' properties (name, price, quantity, amount,...), we would like to have it copy-able so that in the workflow we can use the "copy property value" function to capture the data in Deal properties.


Same as what the above have stated


Our company needs this feature as well. 


we also need this DESPARATELY


Hi all,

I have a solution to copy the value from properties in Object Product to properties in Object Deal in Hubspot. My solution requires Zapier to connect with Hubspot.

Contact me via message <> then I will show you how.


This feels so fundamental to me for a CRM. We need line items from an original deal to copy to the renewal deal for that company. Otherwise we are simply duplicating effort for every single client. 


The ability to copy line items to a different Deal would save us a ton of work processing renewals, and make fewer errors to deal with. PLEASE make this happen.


Need to copy line items for renewals, would be much easier. Also, renewal fields would be great. Sometimes line items will change from year to year and having separate fields to reflect that would be great



I need something similar– to be able to copy a line item property to a deal property, or a different object property. Perhaps opening up and expanding product  / line items to match other object functionalities will solve this for everyone?


Agree with your comments,  @cwh8944!. We would like that too.


100% agree. This is causing a lot of unnecessary duplication of effort for our team.


With folks operating within a short repetitive cyclce (subscriptions with opt-in renewals), this capability would be very helpful! 


🎉I was able to create a Zap in Zapier to copy line items from won deals to the cloned renewal deal. It even carries through discounts, quantities, etc. 


Screen Shot 2022-01-06 at 4.56.32 PM.png


We are using a custom object to handle our post-sales onboarding process, and it would be game changing to be able to 1) associate line items to the custom object and 2) copy line items from the related Deal to the custom object 

HubSpot Product Team

Hey folks - my name is Ethan and I'm the product manager for the Products and Line Items team. I just wanted to let you know that this feature is not on our roadmap for this quarter, but it is something we'd like to build. While it's not something we're working on this quarter, it's quite possible we will work on this this year. We're working on several other features (e.g. allowing you to add Line Items to Deals via Workflows, expanding the number of supported decimals in Product/Line Item properties) this quarter and we needed to make some hard decisions about what to prioritize.


As a sidenote, I'll be updating the top Ideas associated with Products and Line Items ~once per quarter going forward. I will include (1) whether or not a feature is on the roadmap for that quarter or not and (2) what our rollout plan for that feature is (e.g. will there be a beta or not). If you have feedback about additional information I could include in these updates, drop a note here. If I see a theme, I'll adjust my updates to address that.


I won't be doing this for every idea, but most ideas above 25 kudos will get this treatment. 


We would like the ability to copy line items into a ticket


We have the same problem here. It is unpleasent. Is there any way this can be fixed