Copy Product Information


Now that we're able to add custom fields/properties to products there is a need to be able to copy and/or associate that property to other HubSpot objects. 


For instance, I have color variants for a product but I can't get that to copy or associate to a custom object or deal record so I still have to include it as a deal/other object property.


Product properties only appear to work as a line item trigger. 

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As opposed to creating a plethora of additional products in my product library, is it possible to copy products/line items from an existing client into the products/line item section of a new client's Deal?


It would be super helpful to be able to have product / line item information as a copy-able property into deals or ticket records.


This way when a new ticket is created, the information about that company's products can appear in the ticket for ease of use. Less clicks - easier to manage.


Without product information being available as a "property" we can't use this information in workflows.


We have the same issue! 
I would like to inform our sales team when a contract expires in X days. Currently, we have not found a way except to manually add the contract end date to the deal.
If someone has an alternative, I would appreciate it!


We have the same issue.

When working with Line items' properties (name, price, quantity, amount,...), we would like to have it copy-able so that in the workflow we can use the "copy property value" function to capture the data in Deal properties.


Same as what the above have stated


Our company needs this feature as well. 


we also need this DESPARATELY


Hi all,

I have a solution to copy the value from properties in Object Product to properties in Object Deal in Hubspot. My solution requires Zapier to connect with Hubspot.

Contact me via message <> then I will show you how.