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Copy/Paste Theme Custom modules from page to page

Hey there! I'm the creator of the CLEAN Theme for the HubSpot CMS. 


One of the most common questions (and requests) I get from HubSpot customers leveraging the HubSpot CMS is if there is a way to copy a custom module along with its contents and settings onto another page.  I literally got 2 customers just today emailing me about this so I'm finally posting the request here.


I love the addition of the new duplicate module feature in the CMS update.  Would love the addition of a copy/paste as well.


Believe me, I understand the technical and UX challenge with a feature like this but it's definitely a customer pain-point using the CMS. Here is a message I just received.




Is a feature like this anywhere on the product roadmap for the CMS team?


Thanks so much!

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This would help out hugely!


We miss this feature too. It would make working a lot easier.


I was just asking support about this today.  Seems so simple of a feature, but it would allow me to take the module (contents and all) and just save and paste it on to another page.  Right now I have to choose the template and recreate it for every page I want to add it to.  Let's make this happen HS!


This is a constant pain point for our team as well.  Would be very helpful when A/B testing differing page layouts and make for quicker iterations of pages.  


Yeas please, Hubspot! 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏v


Extremely important! Really waiting for it. Go HubSpot!

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Not sure if it was possible to save sections when this was posted, but it does let you setup a section with module(s) that you can style and then easily add to other pages.


Saved sections make building a website faster. They don't update across all pages though - this gives you the flexibility to style the module and change content from page to page, but it doesn't make it easy to make sure updates happen seamlessly across the site.


Whether modules or sections, marketers and page editors need more options to save content they create to make using a theme even more efficient.