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Copy / Duplicate Groups As I can see it designing pages would be a lot easier if it was possible to duplicate a group. It should be that I just click duplicate and it copied all of the inner modules and groups, and saved the css groups and labels. This would save a LOT of time. 
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@DrPerl199- Thanks for the feedback! Bulk actions / copy across multiple templates is something we're still investigating.  I'll make sure the rest of the team's aware of this use-case (it's definitely come up in the past, too).


One imperfect workaround for this use case might be to group the modules you're looking to move from template A to B, convert that static module group into a global group, and add that new global group to template B. Then, you could revert template A and right-click > "make a local copy" of the global group on template B. It's a little heavy, since you're creating a global group only for the "local copy" feature on top of it, but it might save you some manual steps in the meantime!


Yes, I just came back to work with a company I helped get set up with a hubspot website and have discovered that upgrading hubspot broke the Coscopy Google Chrome extension we were using to make copying and pastingmodules between pages. This is costing the company in time by extending every step from 3 actions to about 6 (depending). It's a total nightmare to edit and have to recreate each time. PLEASE expedite this hubspot functionality. This is a huge need. I am embarassed I recommended using this platform as it now more than doubles the time spend on creating pages: we went from being under an hour to bang out a custom landing page to about two to three hours to finesse it through the global group clunky work around. SO FRUSTRATING. We had it all worked out and the upgrade broke our entire workflow and is costing us more money -- upgrading the hubspot interface has cost us in terms of having to a) have lead designer relearn interface with this hack and then b) train staff on how to do this work around plus losing widget functionality triples our web dev consultant paid hours. Please fix -- either work with Neambo to upgrade their widget or add the functionality into hubspot. We cannot afford to triple our design time and costs; from where we're sitting this isn't an upgrade at all, this is an expensive headache we didn't have before.


Good news! We've built a new Chrome extension, HubX, that works with the new Design Tools and you can now copy from one template to another:

Status updated to: Delivered
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This functionality is available in the new design manager.


Not if you're trying to copy a module from one template to another without having to make it a global module