Conversations buggy

Hopefully we're posting this report in the right section.


I don't know if it has already been reported but we are encountering a really annoying issue with the conversations. Sometimes for a reason that we did not really figure out, it happens that the draft of a mail is somehow failing or a conversation is just failing.


So when something goes wrong on there, we cannot ever give any response to the conversation failed. It's still appearing in the conversations, there is typical message to say "hey something is wrong, please retry" but pushing that retry button does not fix or clean the issue.


This is annoying because then we've have to recreate another conversation that generates a new mail in our clients mailboxes, I think it's not really client-friendly nor professionnal to open conversations with our clients for a same subject when something is wrong on our end.


We really hope you will be able to figure out what's happening on there and we're so waiting for a bug fix for this.


Thank you for reading.