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Conversations Inbox - Reply from individual user

We would like to provide individualized service to our customers, so our workflow would be best served if we could specify that responses to Conversations Inbox messages come from the email address of the individual user. That way the customer can correspond with the same person and feel a little more personal.

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Our company absolutely needs this and we were surprised to find this was not an option after purchasing HubSpot even though it was brought up during our sales meetings. Unfortunately we will have to continue using another piece of software to truly collaborate on our emails. Hope this gets implemented soon.


Please!! Please!!! Please!!!!


yeah, what those two said!!!!!!


Collaborating on email is the best.  This is a feature that is desperately needed!


Also looking for this! We have a team of customer service that handles all emails. Sometimes they assign an email to me so I can pick up the harder things. However when I pick things up I want to pick them up from my personal email, not the shared email box. 


It would be great if it is possible to have the option to reply from my personal email and continue the conversation from there.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,


I’m Vijay, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Conversations Inbox tool. Thank you for taking the time to submit and upvote this idea.  Conversations Inbox only supports shared emails and we have no plans to support personal email.


However, I agree that offering a personalized service is key to a great support or sales experience. With that in mind, we've built a feature that will let you customize the "send from" address to have the name / name & company of the agent who is sending the email without having to use a personal email. We believe that will help you offer a personalized service while using an email that is shared across your team. This feature is available in Settings -> Conversations -> Inboxes ->  Choose a shared email -> Configurations  


Thank you for your patience and understanding. 



Vijay Vadlamani


Strongly agree with this request. In our case, our executive team doesn't use Hubspot directly but needs to be able to answer some emails that come directly to our shared email. I understand Hubspot doesn't have any incentive to implement this feature for reps as it allows them to use an external inbox, but perhaps account owners can have access to a feature like this? There's just no way our C-suite is going to move to Hubspot emails 🙂 


I also agree with this request. It would be helpfull to have your own personal signature, since we all have our own phone-number that we need to add in the signature. Now that is not possible. 


Hi @vvadlamani, I understand that the inbox is a shared mailbox, and I have no problem with that. Besides that the custom From name is not supported with Office365, it would be at least necessary to configure the reply-to address to the given person who answer that email. 

for support purposes, it is absolutely correct the email remains the same (i.e. support@...), but for sales activities, if a customer contacts us via sales@, I have to reply with my account and continue the conversation "personally", and not through the inbox.

as of now, I see the request in the inbox, click on the person, reply "personally", go back to the Inbox and close the ticket. very cumbersome! 



This is an absolute must. 
We reply through the team inbox and it's a nightmare. 
we only need to receive the initial enquiries to track then the sales users should take over on there own email. 
not being able to do this just fills the team inbox unnecessarily.