Conversations Inbox Emails to Auto-Recognise Sender's Reply-To Email Address Instead From Address


Hello, (Submitting on behalf of customer) 


Currently, the Conversations Inbox takes the from address e.g. but the reply-to email address set in those emails are However, HubSpot only recognise the from address and one cannot reply the email directly to but one will have to reply to 


It will be great if we can detect this and when one clicks on reply, it will reply to the intended recipient (e.g.

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It's realy bad this is still happening in HubSpot!

This is a real basic feature that should have in there from  the start.


When you send out forms you have to use the same (server/site) domain otherwise it will be seen as spam on 99.9% of  al recipient mail servers. HubSpot should embrace this and always see the reply-to address as contact email address, connect it to the contact and reply to that address.


Guys this is basic for any ticket system! Shame on you that it isn't!

Is there a timeline that this will be in there? 




Have to agree with the above, it is standard internet protocol not supported by Hubspot. 


I completely agree. I spent several hours trying to get reply-to emails to work only to be told by support that Hubspot doesn't recognize reply-to addresses. This is standard email protocol and should be supported. Competitors to Service Hub (such as Zendesk) do not have this limitation.