Conversations Inbox Adjustable Width of Panes


It would be extremely helpful if we could adjust the width of the columns/panes in the Conversations Inbox.


Right now the left and right columns/panes can collapse leaving the pane with the list of messages on the left and the full view of the selected message on the right - in roughly a 20/80 split. Very Outlook 2010-ish.


It would be beneficial to be able to adjust the column/pane widths so that the list of messages/previews would show much more detail than they currently do. More like the modern Gmail inbox.


The hope would be that our users could quickly see who the message is from, the subject and the first sample of the context of the email without having to click into each one. 


The full message preview pane is still useful, but it could be much smaller ( mobile view width?) and remain equally as effective.Hubspot_Idea__Inbox.png


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This would be such a big help - I agree with this idea! 


I can not stress how important this feature would be for our type of business; we have tight turn-around times for the clients who shop with us, and it is imperative that we be able to quickly discern what needs to be treated with our highest priority, both upon commencing business for the day (when we have a multitude of emails waiting for us), but also throughout our workday., as new messages come in.


Two suggestions for how this could be enhanced to make filtering through emails easier: 


-expand the preview pane, as indicated in the original post (allows us to see more than a few words at a glance)

-allow 'tags' to be applied, based on key words (ie. 'cancel' or 'upgrade')


Both or either would be extremely helpful. Otherwise, I think it will be difficult for us to transition away from other messaging services, such as Gmail, which essentially allows for both.