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Conversations Contacts Original Source = Offline... Why?


I'm a bit confused as to why contacts added to HubSpot via the Conversations Chat are set as 'Offline Source' for their original source

We used to use Drift which integrated with HubSpot's tracking cookie to get the source of the contact - see below in Drift:

HubSpot Drift Source.jpg

How can Drift do this but HubSpot can't?

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This is also a problem for us - it seems to be an oversight. 


We have the same issue.  We are able to get Original Source automatically added to a Contact through our integration w/ CallTrackingMetrics, but that isn't applicable for Chat.  Would love for this to be automatically added as its very important to know where someone comes from that is reaching out to us online.  




I just did a test because I was wondering the same thing. I took a chat from an "Unknown Visitor" and associated it with a new contact, just for the sake of testing. 


The original source is set to Offline Sources while the contact properties do contain the IP country and city details, so why isn't the orginal source filled with the right value? 


By driving more visitors to the chat, we lose insights of where they are actually coming from. 


Urgent fix needed Hubspot...

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I'm seeing the same "offline" source with integrated HubSpot chat.  This is not good especially if you want to leverage "conversational" landing pages via HubSpot chat.  


Also having the same issue. Also did a test by removing all cookies, visiting the site and leaving a fake email there. The email then showed up in contacts, and it was attributed to offline sources. The tracking pixel is at the top, conacts obtained through other means are showing proper sources. Wonder why is this happening.


+1 - ideally Hubspot would treat these new contacts as it does with forms (attributing Original Source based on the traffic source/UTM parameters/etc.)


Has anyone found a workaround solution through a workflow?


This is the same when you use HubSpot's native chat.  It makes no sense that the only way to chat is via the website so it is not an offline source.

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Hi all - thanks for all the feedback. We agree with the problem being outlined here and this is something we are digging into in the near future to understand the work to address this problem. I should have an update with more details and a timeline towards the end of the year/beginning of next year. 


Thank you! 




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Any update on when this will be fixed as it is really skewing reporting data, attribution of online customers is not being helped as customers are showing as offline and therefore not attributed to digital


Agreed.  This is a major issue.  We're near the end of the year.  So, an update would be much appreciated.  


Also agree. Chat should be an Online Source and should use Paid Search, Organic, etc as the lead source.

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This should now be fixed as of early this year. Unfortunately, we were not able to update any past source information on contacts but going forward this should now pull in the source information for where the contact came from and not offline source. If you see any issues please feel free to email me at






Could this be solved by filtering the Original Source drill-down1 = any of your domain websites?