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Conversations - Closing Tickets

Closing tickets is inconsistent and very clunky.   There are far to many screens and they are inconsistent in functionality.

1. If we edit the ticket and choose close at the top of that ticket edit screen, we are prompted to enter the resolution.

2. If we close via the right side of the screen in the Inbox view, it will close the ticket but  there is no prompt for resolution.

3. If we close the ticket from the top of the inbox screen (i.e. Mark as Closed), the ticket will be closed, but the ticket status remains in the "new" ticket state.  

So, as mentioned, clunky, and inconsistent in functionality.   Hoping for a quick, consistent, resolution. 

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Hey, it would be so helpful to prompt my team to fill in a ticket property if the ticket is being closed from the Conversations Inbox, such as adding a category before closing the conversation, thus the ticket. The ability to make a property required while closing tickets from the Conversations Inbox would be extremely useful and beneficial for other processes afterwords, such as reliable statistics. Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 09.31.20.png