Conversations: Add channels (Facebook Messenger, iMessages, SMS etc)

UPDATE: Now that HubSpot Conversations is released, adding missing messanging channels like SMS, FB Messenger and iMessages to truly make this a universal inbox experience.


In last year's product spotlight session right at 37:42 the slide shows "Anywhere" and has 6 icons, including the FB logo, Twitter, SMS, Slack and Apple logo. The only icon of the 6 implemented so far is the Gmail.


So hopefully the additional channels will be added soon to make it truly a competitive alternative to Frontapp which integrates all those channels and then some. Would be really great to be able to consolidate all the messanging in HubSpot. Conversations is a good step, but additional channels need to be added quickly now. Plus API functionality would be welcome - if it were available we could codd up something in-house.


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It would be super cool if you added Facebook Messenger and iMessages integration. In a few days, Apple will roll out , they have a few integration partners such as Salesforce and Liveperson, both available at launch date.


iMessages even supports a time picker, ideal for the existing calendar booking feature.


Happy to talk to the product team if you want to learn more. Thanks!

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PS: Almost 100 million iMessage users in the US alone. Over 700 million worldwide. The most efficient way to communicate with them would be through iMessages. 


Major opportunity, specially early on when few other platforms will integrate it.

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Hi @nq - what is your email? I would love to chat with you about this a bit further if that is something you would be interested in.


Thank you in advance! 

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 Hey Dylan, Looking forward to chat with you!

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I'd also like to see Facebook Messenger in Hubspot CRM Sales Pro. I see Bitirx24 already has an integration in their free CRM. But I would put it in Sales Pro it's worth it. 

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@martechstra - how would you imagine this working? What sorts of activities are you and your company doing on Messenger that you would like to see in HubSpot? 

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So with Bitrix24, it puts every new person who messages my company into the CRM as a lead. It also records the entire conversation(s) in the CRM so you don't have to go to several different tools. Additionally, you can enrich the contact data from Facebook. Basically, I'd like to see that in Hubspot sales pro. 

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Companies like Shopify have integrations with Facebook Messenger, so that they can create a followup and connect with the user on Facebook Messenger... to send updates on their order, to confirm order, etc.. and ofcourse, get them to interact on Messenger which you could use to establish a relatioship and have another communication channel with them




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I agree. I would absolutely love to see integration with Facebook Messenger. Key functionality would be able to reply to a Facebook Message in a task queue like you would a follow-up email or phone call. Having to log the Facebook Messenger correspondence in Hubspot is time-consuming.

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I completely agree. Having a way to integrate with imessages/text and Facebook messenger would be incredible. A lot of communication happens through these channels that HubSpot can't currently catch. What kind of timeline could be set forth for this development work to happen?

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Hi @MattNielson@ericamwalters - I'm a Product Manager here at HubSpot.


Could you send me an email with your HUBIDs and a little bit more detail about how you currently use, or plan to use Messenger? My email is - 

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Following to see what unfolds here. Currently exploring if any intergartion between messenger and hubspot exists. We primarily need to automate routing messages. 

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I wrote a blog post about how I use Bitrix24 and shared a link in it to the upcoming Sales Communicator. I hope it has similar capabilities. How to Integrate Bitrix24 CRM with Facebook Messenger easily

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Hi @Dylan


We are also looking to integrate Facebook Messenger and Hubspot. We are running ads with a CTA "message us" that connects to our Facebook Messenger. The engagement is extremely high. We work with a sensitive audience and they're more prone to use Facebook than engage with traditional marketing. We need to capture this first touch and engagement within Hubspot to track our marketing performance accurately. We would love to connect and work on a trial if that is in the works? My email is





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We would use this function regularly. Is there any development on this?

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Bumping this idea submission. 


Plyco Plywood currently uses a Facebook messenger application with our Shopify store. While this has the benefits of accessibility and ease of use over Hubspot's chat functionality, none of the valuable customer conversations are being logged in our CRM. 


Would be great to see Hubspot support this integration. 

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This is an awesome idea!


What's the best way to record a lead coming from Facebook Messenger?

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Hi, we also run Facebook ads with Messenger CTA. 

What we are doing now is, connect chatbot platform to catch the first message (coding required) and send it to Zapier and then to Hubspot as a new deal.

I hope it would be easier to do this.

updated to: Delivered
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Hey all! Our ideas forum works best when each idea is submitted as a separate post. I've gone ahead and created new posts for each of the channels I see mentioned here that people would like to have available to Conversations. Please upvote them accordingly, add your use cases, and create new ideas for any I've missed!

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Delivered? Must be a mistake. How can I use conversations with SMS, Messenger, iMessages???? Please change to correct status. Thanks