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Conversation rate across pipelines

Hi all,

As I discussed with Ben from support in ticket #9656495, it will be great reporting wise, to have the possibility to have the conversation rate between pipelines. I explain myself with an example:
Imagine you have 3 pipelines:
- NB (New business)
- AM (Account managers)

The conversation rate I will be looking for would be, for example:
- MQL (SDR) vs Closed Won (NB) +Closed Won (AM)
- MQL (SDR) vs Closed Won (NB)
- MQL (SDR) vs Closed Won (AM)

Same could apply for Closed Lost.

At the moment is only possible to create individual reports to have the absolute number while playing with "Entered date deal stage MQL" and then adding an extra filter on "Deal stage" = Closed Won or Closed Lost depending on the conversation rate you are looking for.
If I want the MQLvsSQL is not possible to use the funnel conversation as the deal could have been moved to NB or AM pipeline already, so it won't show up (as before you need to play with Entered date deal stage properties).

It will be really awesome to have automatically the conversation rate, isn't it a nice and easy improvement on the reporting capabilities?

Kind regards,



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Do you mean CONVERSION rate?