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Conversation Inbox: Auto-close specific emails based on subject AND sender, and other filtering

We've recently moved from using Gmail to using Hubspot's Conversation Inbox to manage our emails. 


In Gmail, we have been making use of the filters for auto-labelling, auto-archiving etc. These sorts of features are currently missing from Hubspot, and it would be great to see them implemented to improve automation and email handling.


Example, we receive an order confirmation from our primary supplier - in Gmail, these emails are set to label and auto-archive (there if we need them, but we rarely do), however they still come through the Hubspot conversation window as open. I still want to receive other emails from this contact, eg if there is an order issue, but otherwise seeing these emails is unnecessary.


I've also set up a system where emails get auto-labelled as Purchase Orders etc based on the sender and subject, and would be wonderful to create some automation in Hubspot based on this (eg auto-ticketing specific emails).

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Our school had also recently transitioned to using Conversations from gmail. 

The auto filtering, labelling, sorting and color coding of our emails were essential to our admissions team's daily work and it helps us to organize and respond to emails in an efficient manner.


I was disappointed that the Conversations tool is lacking in the organization that gmail offers us.


It would be great if we can have:

  • Auto close a conversation if the subject or the content of the email matches certain rules
  • Auto create a ticket based on the subject/content

Currently filtering and the automation of ticket creations can only be done if the sender's email matches.




I didn't use Gmail before, and didn't use those features. I am using conversations for email contact with customers.


We run a webshop for Quality Bedlinen. This bedlinen is being produced after purchase, sometimes its custom. So we have more communication during this process. Also email communication via an external Phone Desk (which send their customer calls via email to us) and with our suppliers. These emails concern a specific pending order/customer.


These emails have as sender the Phone Desk or the Supplier or other company. So Hubspot can't make a connection to our customer (in the DBase).


It would be great if:


- Hubspot can recognize the subjectline or even content (email address in it or ordernumber or Customer Name)

- And will put that email in the conversation list of that customer




I am running a cold email campaign and have connected all of my campaign's email addresses to Hubspot's conversations inbox so that I can manage multiple inboxes from one centralized location.

Having the inbox feature within Hubspot is (in theory) an incredibly helpful feature for me and my team because we also get to manage our lead opportunities in the same platform we are answering the emails in.

Our challenge, and our reason for upvoting this filtering feature request for inbox, is that we have certain non-lead-related emails that come into each of our inboxes, which we're successfully filtering out of our inboxes in Outlook, however, they are still showing up in our inbox in Hubspot which makes looking for relevant emails a PITA.

This would be a HUGE value add for us, and I'm sure for many other people who are fond of, or yet to discover (but will surely love) the inbox feature. 

Please, please, please bring this to fruition Hubspot team. Thank you!


Yes, need something similar to a Gmail filter, so I can automatically mark messages closed based on text in the subject or body.