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Controlling and Arranging Fields in Report Drill Downs

Previously in reports on dashboards, when you drilled down to a table view you could control the order in which the fields appeared by rearranging them in the data section of the editor.


Now, you are not able to control this feature and there are default fields added as well that cannont be rearranged.


Having the default fields is no problem, but it is difficult to act on and analyze this data with it being so scattered.


Bringing back the ability to organize these fields would be amazing! Thanks!

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I agree that being able to customize the view of drill down tables in custom reports would be a big help! If you look at the properties set to display in the report editor itself, vs. the properties we see when we click into a specific element of the report, we see there are extraneous properties:


- Deal Name

- Close Date

- Deal Stage

- Pipeline

- Amount in Company Currency


Screen Shot 2020-01-28 at 10.37.38 AM.png


While I definitely see the value in having these properties included in the report by

default, I think it would elevate a lot of customer friction to be able to customize the table view (i.e moving these properties to the back of the table) or remove the properties altogether. 


I vote for this idea. In our case we have an Australian Sales Dashboard that shows the 'Company Currency' in New Zealand dollars with the current conversion rate change. This confuse our Sales team in Australian and not being able to use the 'Amount' custom field only is a limitation of the system. Dashboards must be clear and easy to interpret and visualise.2020-12-18_11-30-17.jpg


I thought I remembered being able to reorder columns in the past. Taking that capability away does nothing to provide value to HubSpot clients, and it certainly makes reporting sales data more time consuming and inconvenient. HubSpot is too expensive for this to happen.


Please restore that functionality as soon as possible.


BTW, I disagree that default fields are no problem. They can be no problem for some and a big problem for others.


I remember being able to move the report-detail-data in the Report Edit View....


And it was really helpful! For some cases, you need right away more information about the data shown in reports.

I have no idea why HubSpot changed that. I have now for deals and other data, default columns like close date, deal stage and pipeline.

But I certainly do not need all these every single time. ... it moves the data which is really interesting for me further in the "back" and I do not see the necessary data right away.


This makes the reports so much less flexible and useable.


PLEASE change it back as soon as possible.


This would defitely be an useful feature!


agreed, very useful

HubSpot Employee

+1 Screen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.57.07 AM.pngScreen Shot 2022-03-24 at 10.58.59 AM.png


I too am experiencing the problem of unwanted columns and not being ale to change the order (right to left) in which they appear. This is VERY frustrating as you then must constantly sroll right and left. These features are absolutley essential and are very common features for any report builder. Please move this one to the top of your roadmap.


Hi all!

Just wanted to share a work around that we are currently using for this.

I clone the column or plot report so that all of the same filters and information is included and then change it to a table report. From there I can include only the desired information in the order I want. I then place this table report right below the graph on the dashboard.
I hope this helps!