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Control timeline activity associations to associated objects (contacts/ companies/ tickets/ deals)

Currently, according to this KB article, there are certain set rules for activity associations: 

There are a few exceptions to the above. For example, an exception is that emails sent and calls made from any object record will also be associated to the relevant contacts that were being emailed or called.


These rules are not very intuitive for many users. For example, see this thread


It would be awesome if we could have a toggle that allows users to be able to toggle automatic association of all activities for the associated contact/ company, or specific associated deals/ tickets.

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HubSpot team - it's clear that your customers all use objects (both standard and custom) and their related associations to one another all in unique and varying ways. The ability to at least easily automate these associations, if not to customize directly in the settings, is absolutely crucial for an enterprise solution. To default the use of company associations, for example, when you have long moved beyond B2B-only customers, is an indicator that you're expanding to enterprise-level customers before the product is ready to meet their needs.


I'm disappointed to continue finding examples like this throughout the platform -- we're finding more and more need for workflows & custom code actions to close these product gaps, which creates an entirely new problem of having to manage and maintain all of them. Custom objects, associations, and engagements/activities need a LOT of TLC to catch up, and many of your customers are beginning to run short on patience.

Agree with this take wholeheartedly. Thank you laurabren.

An incredibly eloquent way of putting it, couldn't agree more. 


Any updates on this?



I have tried to escalate that issue via customer success and commercially with no result.

I then whined loud on linkedin, which finally got some real attention and some email ping pong with the product manager.

In a nutshell:
They say they have placed that logic all over the code and cannot add an option to tweak that easily. For me hard to understand, but well.

The issue is on the list, but not to be expected anytime soon .


By chance I saw the other day that the hubspot API returned a messageID for an email. If that is becoming a feature (it is undocumented as far as I know and no reply from PM about it as well), we could build a API module to fix this whole mess.






Hello, I agree this needs to be controlled. My use case is that I use a custom object for Partners and I want to be able to automatically have the emails and activity appear here that are associated to contacts associated to the Partner. Currently we don't have any visibility on our Partner object of activity without manually associating all of them.


One issue I wanted to call out regarding this information in the cited Knowledge Base article:


There are a few exceptions to the above. For example, an exception is that emails sent and calls made from any object record will also be associated to the relevant contacts that were being emailed or called.

This is not accurate if users are on the mobile app. Sales users actually aren't able to send an email from a deal at all on the (iOS) mobile app -- the option is simply not there. If they send an email to a contact who has an associated deal, the sales user cannot even edit the defaulted assocations from the email (as they can in the web app) to include the deal.


Meeting logged to all Deals associated with a Contact When a Meeting is booked with a Contact, it shows up on every Deal record associated with that Contact regardless of relevance - this is a huge limitation with Hubspot. For a professional services company, we have meetings with Contacts associated with many Deals and meetings with no relation to the Deal itself, but all are logged on the Deal record. As a result, bad data is captured in our CRM. Currently the only workaround is to manually disassociate each Meeting from the Deal, which is very cumbersome and time consuming. This makes it very difficult for leadership to trust the data in our system and we are better off not using the meeting log functionality at all. With the Hubspot extension, we are able to log a email to a specific deal - this should work for Calendar invites / meetings as well.


Adding my voice to the chorus of voices!


Each and every automatic association should have custimization. Leave all connections on as the standard and enable users to adjust what is automatically associated to what as best fits their business!


For my use having Emails to contacts automatically associated to the deal is suboptimal and just adds clutter!