Control the Sync record ownership between contacts and companies Feature

Hi all,
We would really like a way to be able to control which contacts get automatically synced to their company.

From our experience, we cannot keep this option on because it will mess up our HubSpot company database. We work with universities and due to their structure of multiple campuses and departments, this feature has created duplicate companies and just messes everything up.
For example: and should be part of the same company, but HubSpot would create a new SDSU company since the email domains are different. On the other side, Bob might work at the main campus but Sally (who's email is works at the Downtown campus. To us, these are 2 different companies, however, Sally would be associated to the main campus.

Therefore, I would really like to be able to control which contacts this feature works on. One option would be to have a control on the import contacts page. This would help because, even if the contacts are already in HubSpot, we could export them and reimport them with the option to "associate to company" turned on.

Please, please, please make this possible!!!