Control email link tracking at email or subscription type level


We're trying to create deep links into our apps from our transactional HubSpot emails triggered via API send. We populate dynamically generated links onto custom contact properties in hubspot. The issue we're running into is these links redirect through HubSpot-generated URLs for link tracking. The generated URLs look like<bunch of characters> which then redirects in the browser to the dynamic URL pulled into the email from the custom contact property.


Apps cannot parse these link tracking URLs and won't redirect the way a browser does.


We need to be able to access the redirected URL inside the app. We've read through all of the help articles we could find, and even posted the question on the community forum here:


The only solution currently is to turn off ALL link tracking (which from a sales and marketing perspective is completely out of the question) or find a different email service provider that does not redirect through a URL like this.


The ideal solution would be an option to turn off link tracking for transactional emails triggered via API, or per subscription type, rather than globally within the account.


Of course if someone knows of a way to implement deep-linking within the current HS structure that actually functions. I'm all ears!