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Contracts and Agreements

I understand there are a few ideas being floated on this particular topic but I wanted to "flesh out" the functionality of potential contracts and agreements within HubSpot.


Firstly, in terms of contract management, we have historically used PandaDoc. The reason for this is the fact that it's one of the very few contract and signing solutions out there that allow for us to create the templates for our agreements (of which there is more than one) within the platform and not just uploading a PDF, that we can apply text blocks for a level of customisation and the use of personalisation tokens so that each agreement can be personalised without having to resort to form fields.


I like the functionality of the HubSpot Quotes as it stands but custom T&C's or contracts is the only issue preventing us from using it in our day-to-day process.


For many of us that utilise long-form contracts and for the industry we're in this is a necessary evil but if we can create contracts/agreements within HubSpot that during the quote process we can select which agreement to be included.


For example, we have a Master Agreement which needs to have the parties listed in it. Once that Master Agreement is signed we can always follow up with more agreements for addendums, new territories or other special agreements as needed.


Potentially within the quotes template we can also add in other items that during our sales process can be collected and stored in custom fields and can form part of the quote such as payment method, payment terms etc.


If we had the ability to create contracts within HubSpot that were dynamic using personalisation tokens the one thing HubSpot could do better than PandaDoc is ensuring that numbering is something that can be formatted correctly. With long-form contracts you have many clauses and if for whatever reason you needed to remove one all the proceeding numbers also update with that clause removal. Currently, if you have to remove a clause from PandaDoc template, you would then need to manually re-number all of the proceeding clauses.


If I was to list out a potential workflow (at least as it pertains to us) it would look something like this.


  1. During the sales process, the salesperson has collected all of the necessary information in existing or custom fields.
  2. We are now proceeding to the contract/agreement stage
  3. The salesperson creates a quote and ensures the correct product information is included.
  4. They will then select the contract/agreement from a drop-down of our existing templates.
  5. They can then preview this and ensure everything is correct, if not they can go into the deal fields and update/change as needed.
  6. A signing order can be set for the contract and also the existing ability for approval can be turned on (potentially we set that all quotes must be approved first).
  7. Everything is approved to proceed or the approver gives approval and the contract and quote is whisked off.
  8. A copy of the contract can be downloaded as a PDF as it is now attached to the quote should the contracting company need legal approval or review.
  9. Alternatively, they can choose to sign the contract now using HubSpot's eSignature functionality.
  10. The signed contract as a PDF etc is stored within the deal and notifications are sent around to all signatories with a copy of the agreement and the quote.

I apologise for the length of this post but this is something important to us and allows us to consolidate more functionality to HubSpot.

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I quite like this idea, any improvement to the way contracts are managed within HubSpot will help with working from one piece of software making our salespeople more efficient. 


Based on the above use case I'd probably add Steps


11) Populate a custom field - Contract end date with the date obtained from the products definition on the product library.

12) create a task to contact customer 30 or 60 days before the contract end date for contract renegotiation and renewal. 


Agree with your points. One area of importance that is often overlooked is the contract needs to be signed by a director of the business. This detail needs to be filled in correctly by the salesperson prior to the contacts being issued


The quoting tool is not as useful as it could be for a company that provides a services that rquires a service agreement and/or statement of work to be signed by the customer as you cannot add additional documents for signature in the tool.

So that my idea...allow the user to upload a document in addition to the quote to be signed electronically

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We sell b2b api and saas licenses for our software and this would be most ideal for our sales team


Even something simple like an NDA which we often need to START considering a project with a prospective customer - would be great!


It seems to me the quote tool consists of a form and a template.   Is generating a contract simply a matter of creating a form for all the details you need in your contract and then creating a template that the data from the form will populate?    Very much over simplified and I know there are a lot of moving parts and things specific to certain companies/industries but this seems to be the jist of it.    


I would also like to see a contract feature become available.


would like to see contracts also


I support this! It would be super helpful for our sales team, even if just a few tweaks were made to the quoting tool so we could hide products and services, as our Saas service is an event ticketing platform that charges our customer per ticket sold. We don't want to hit them with a quote and include a price + total amount etc. I have tried using the used the comments to buyer and purchase terms to contain the main body of the contract but it is a little confusing. 


As a SAAS company we also seek to monitor contract evolution over time. There might be features added to a particular product, so we wanna see customers who subscribed for a particular version of the same product.