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Contextual Knowledge Base Widget

A widget to search the knowledge base and the ability to list different suggested articles in that widget depending on the URL where it's embedded.


Similar to what was implemented in the idea linked below, but just a simple knowledge look-up (not a live chat) so users always have in-app access to articles.


This would be useful for two reasons:


  1. Makes it easy to offer self-service help without requiring a customer service agent to be available for live chat.
  2. Allows B2B products to include help for end users supported by a software administrator within their organization, not by our own customer support (a live-chat doesn't work in this case).
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Boom love this 

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I agree on this suggestion. It would be great to have the KB widget with pre-selected articles per URL - as well as search - but independently of the chat functionality.

Right now, our Knowledge Base is hardly used unfortunately. But due to nature of our customers, in app chat would hardy be used, everything is via Whatsapp.


A contextual KB widget would I am sure be great for customers and greatly reduce the number of tickets we get.


Yes, would love this!


we want this!
The knowledge base it for the generic search for answers. We don't want a chat or create a ticket option on our marketing website but do want to enable users to search the knowledge base