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Content streams for ongoing nurturing

There is a feature a HubSpot competitor has that would be a useful addition to HubSpot for us as we start to grow the amount of content we create on a regular basis.


We currently have fixed workflows that provide a specific nurturing stream including specific emails sent at specific times relative to the workflow trigger. This provides us with a drip-email nurturing campaign that runs for a fixed period after that the trigger of someone being added as a contact. The emails within this campaign need to be reviewed regularly and the content sent manually kept fresh. We tend to have a workflow for a thread or topic of content based on properties like industry or persona.

A better alternative for us would be to utilise the concept of content streams, which are effectively queues of emails with each queue collecting emails of a common topic. Alongside this, there could be a defined schedule that allows for each email to be processed from the queue and sent to the appropriate recipient at certain specific times. Similar to the "send more" feature, emails would not be re-sent to those who have already received it.

Such a feature would allow us to create content for a specific purpose and extract greater value by easily re-using it by placing an email into such a queue as part of that content creation workflow.

Rather than maintaining the if/else actions within a workflow that then gets quickly difficult, we would only need to focus on what content we have in each queue and rest assured knowing that those contacts who qualify would receive the series of nurturing emails delivered from the queue at a defined schedule. This provides a "longer burn" form of drip-email nurturing that would be easy to maintain, which could be continuously added to and refreshed.

Finally, contacts could qualify for one queue or another based on a list or better still based on the subscription types that they have shown an interest in.

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Sounds like an outstanding idea to nicely manage content marketing! +1 from me!


This is one of the biggest features I miss from my time working with Marketo. We would create content programs to track what people had seen each peice of content, and then reference those programs in broader engagement programs. Those engagement programs allowed us to ensure contacts would not see the same peice of content multiple times. If a contact was set to recieve a piece of content in a nuture stream that they had already seen, then they would simply skip it and move on to the next. I agree that HubSpot needs to create a more robust engagment/nuture framework. They talk alot about nurturing, but there current solution is pretty simple and not scalable.