Content Strategy Linked Posts Should Honor Redirects

I'm using the Content Strategy tool to build Topics Clusters and I've discovered an issue that has been verified by Hubspot Support. I have posts linking to a pillar piece of content through hyperlinks that are not showing as "linked" in Content Strategy once they are put into a cluster. The reason is that the name of the pillar posts changed after the original linking was done.  The Content Strategy tool does not recognize or honor the redirects. From the standpoint of the tool, the subtopics page are not linked to the pillar content even though in actuality, they are linked. I would suggest that an enhancement be made so that the tool honors redirects. If it doesn't, I'll have to go in and re link dozens or possibly more than 100 posts to various pillar posts in order to be able to use the Content Strategy tool properly. Also, future users will face the same issue if they are building topics clusters where there are posts linked to other posts that have been subsequently redirected.  Also it raises the question of what may happen even after topics clusters are built in the tool and then pages are subsequently renamed and redirected.  That may disrupt clusters that have already been built.  I have not tested that.

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In looking at this a bit closer, I think it would also be important for CTAs to register as links in the context of the Content Strategy tool as well. Within my posts, I have many link style CTAs that link from the supporting content blog to the Pillar content blogs and those are not registering in the tool as links either.