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Contacts partitioning by Business Unit

Hi team! I am creating this idea on behalf of a customer. Would be great to have a way to have a completely partitioning feature to segment contacts. I know we are able to do this with certain assets, and customers are able to partition to contacts is intended to mean is that a sales rep who works leads on BU A will still be able to see leads on BU B. 


However, this is not ideal since they have a completely different product/brand and they want zero cross-over between the two contacts. So, there should be no visibility into those contacts between BUs to avoid confusion in the future. 

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The other thought here is to allow us to assign Roles or Teams to BUs. Contact visibility and editing permissions can be assigned at the role and team level but not the BU level. Another option is to assign users to BUs. Any users assigned to BUs would only see the assets (including contacts) assigned to those BUs.


Yo en este momento tengo este dilema y se hace muy necesario poder dividir totalmente las operaciones y gestión de contactos por unidades de negocios, ya que un cliente A puede estar indagando en la unidad de negocio A (Marca A) y al mismo tiempo en la unidad de negocio B (Marca B), lo que exige tener un contacto diferente (Con actividades independientes, Propietario independiente) para cada unidad de negocio aunque sea el mismo cliente. 

Esto debería ser prioridad, pues seguro hay empresas como nosotros que manejamos 9 marcas diferentes en donde podemos competir entre marcas por un mismo cliente!

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Could not agree more. The same goes for marketing preference pages - right now it's just one page.