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Contacts associated with every deal or service ticket

We have several referral sources that recommend us deals. As it stands, Partner 1: John Doe will send us an email introduction to a customer. We will then create a deal which attaches the referral + John Doe to the deal.


Partner 1: John Doe refers us a second deal. We open a new deal. Since John Doe is associated with both referrals, 100% of the emails across both deals get tagged to each deal, which is problematic. 


The desired outcome is that Hubspot recommends the email thread itself as being attached to the deal, rather than anything the referral partner emails us about. We should be able to associate the email thread(s) with the deal within the contact records themselves rahter than it being 100%


This issue is also problematic with tickets in that often times a contact will email us about a new service issue... and it'll reopen an old ticket that they were associated with.